Speedii Review – Is This Plugin Right For You? HQ Bonus Pack Valued $406!

Welcome to my Speedii review!

In this review I will be going over the specifics surrounding a new plugin called Speedii and I will try to answer any of the questions you may have.


Speedii review


Vendor: Seun Ogundele
Product: Speedii
Launch Date: 25th March 2020
Launch Time: 11am EST
Front-End Price: $19
Recommendation: Recommended for WordPress users
Upsells: Yes
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: WordPress Plugin

Introduction to Speedii Review

As you all know we are now in the information age and the mobile era.

Because of this mobile traffic now accounts for 52.6 percent of the total website traffic according to Statista.

According to Google: ‘Mobile-first indexing will be enabled by default for all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites starting July 1, 2019.

This means when Google crawls any new site it will rank you according to your mobile loading time speed among other critical factors.

Speed is an important component of search engine ranking. As a result, AMP will impact SEO significantly if your website is not up to date when it comes to speed.

For example, two sites could rank similarly when it comes to SEO, however, the one with the fastest loading time and speed will get priority over the other site.

That’s where this new Speedii plugin comes in!

Speedii combines the power of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), PWA (Progressive Web App) & FBIA (Facebook Instant Articles) technologies to turn any website to an ultra blazing fast loading, installable, accessible, offline-usable and mobile friendly super site that the Google algorithm loves and will rank you higher in search engines in less then 60 seconds!

What is Speedii?

speedii review

In short, Speedii is a WordPress plugin which leverages new technologies to create a faster loading website.

This will result in priority ranking from any search engine algorithm over other website with slower loading times.

Speedii will allow you to create a highly mobile friendly website which will lead to much higher profits and FREE traffic.

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Why is Page Speed Important?

The simple answer is that page speed does affect SEO. Page speed is a direct ranking factor, a fact known even better since Google’s Algorithm Speed Update. However, speed can also affect rankings indirectly, by increasing the bounce rate and reducing dwell time.

At Google, users come first. Studies by Google show that average 3G loading speed is very slow. They also show that users leave the site after about 3 seconds. This means that their experience is bad and Google doesn’t like ranking sites which provide bad user experience.

speedii review

What you must remember is that speed is measured in seconds, not in points from 0 to 100. While PageSpeed Insights is a tool that helps you improve speed, the score there doesn’t necessarily mean anything in the real world.

Even so, it is important to improve the Page Speed Score.


Because with Google we don’t know for sure whether the score there is or is not used as a ranking factor. Does Google use seconds? Does it use the score? Who knows…

However, I’ve seen sites with perfect pagespeed score ranking poorly and websites with a score lower than 50 that rank very well.

However, you have to take into account how Google makes these tests. We don’t know where the tests are performed from. Is your server from Romania and Google tests it with a 3G connection in the US? Well then, you can obviously expect low speeds.

But just for the user’s sake, put the loading time first. And don’t use only PageSpeed Insights to test that. Stick to the end and I’ll show you a couple of tools which you can use to test the speed at which your website loads from different locations.

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About the Creator of Speedii

Speedii was developed by Seun Ogundele, one of the best internet marketers from Nigeria.

Who is Seun Ogundele?

speedii review

Seun Ogundele is Nigeria’s most sought after Digital Marketer, International Product Launcher & Super Affiliate on World’s Number 1 Digital Platform – JVzoo with over 10 years of experience in Online marketing.

He is a Respectable Coach, Speaker, Author , International best seller  & Super Affiliate on #1 digital plaform in the world (JVzoo).

He is the CEO of Fastplus Business Innovation, a Digital Marketing and Training Organization which has empowered over 100,000 Africans within nine years.

He has also been featured on some of Nigeria’s Most widely read newspaper like The Nation, Punch, Tribune And Success Digest Extra.

Seun owns an online busines learning platform – www.webtutorng.com with over 1000 paid students learning digital marketing and various internet business.

He is the Founder of the Multimillion Naira Software Company – Fastplus Innovations, Which has developed and launched over 14 Software globally With Over 15,000 Clients In Countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, New Zealand, India, Nigeria and many others.

He has been noticed for his amazing product launches over the last couple of years like ViralSiteXpress, RankFlux, InstantAgency 2.0, EzyStore, EzyAgency, Viddly, EzyFunnel, ClickWebinar and more high quality products are still coming.

Who is Speedii for?

Speedii is a perfect new weapon in the arsenal of any WordPress user and it will offer a solution to a lot of problems anyone can encounter.

It is well known that a lot of website owners lose over 70 percent of their revenue without even realizing this is happening, this as a result of slow websites.

Speedii uses Google Accelerated Mobile  Pages (AMP) to create pages that are extremely fast loading and prioritize user-experience above all else. Using Speedii will make you website load 80 percent faster than normal.

A lot of people want to get free traffic and rank higher on Google or any other search engine.

Everyone tries to accomplish this by doing on page or off page SEO without giving any attention to their website’s loading speed.

In 2019, Google introduced the Mobile First Indexing to rank the fastest and best performing websites with a mobile loading speed of under 3 seconds, a lot of website fail to pass this test.

Speedii will again use Google AMP to make your website load in less than 2 seconds, making it faster and better performing than over 50 percent of other websites, resulting in higher SERP rankings and more free traffic and revenue!

Most website owners also build their website mostly for desktop view, failing to give any attention to their mobile visitors. This is an extremely foolish thing to do since half of the traffic coming to your site will be on a mobile phone.

Speedii will turn you website to to a highly mobile friendly place to get a low bounce rate and nice user-experience.

The plugin will also create an offline solution for visitors who may want to access your website offline due to traveling or network restricted areas.

All in all, Speedii will create a boost in website revenue in only a short time!

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What are some Features and Benefits of Speedii?

  • 100% BEGINNER FRIENDLY – zero experience or tech skills needed
  • WordPress Plugin – Easy to install & use WordPress plugin. You can get started right away, and turn your website to ultra fast loading site & instant app in 60 seconds…
  • Turn your website into Instant Mobile App.
  • Boost Website Traffic & SEO: Google AMP Pages are prioritized in search algorithms and have a positive effects on searching engine result pages (SERP)
  • Improve Website Performance: Your website get faster and lighter by preloading PWA from AMP pages and using in-built optimizing options for serving assets.
  • Increase Conversion,Revenue & Sales: PWA & AMP see average of +72% in sales Conversion and +3x time spent on pages. Monetize your website with advertisement from facebook audience network with your FBIA enabled site.
  • Get Viral Traffic & Social Shares: Facebook instant articles are 70% less likely to abandon and get 3x shares than regular articles, amplifying the reach of your stories in news feed.

OTO & Upsells of Speedii

There are a couple of upsells available. You don’t need any of them if you’re just starting out.

Here’s an overview of the upsells and OTO’s:

FRONTEND: Speedii (Launch Price: $19)

OTO 1: Speedii Pro (Launch Price: $39)

OTO 2: Speedii Max (Launch Price: $39)

OTO 3: Speedii Rank (Launch Price: $39)

OTO 4: Resellers Rights (Launch Price: $197)

This will allow you to resell the Speedii plugin as if it was your own, resulting in 100 percent profit for any sales you may have.

speedii review

speedii review

speedii review

Get Speedii Here

Conclusion of this Speedii Review

Personally, I picked up this Speedii plugin for my own blog and I must say the results are incredible!

Over the last couple of days my mobile traffic has been spiking like never before.

Also I see a large number of my articles getting a lot of shares trough Facebook Instant Article service. Because of this a large number of the articles that were at the bottom of the SERP’s ranking have now been catapulted by atleast an average of 25 positions!

This means the plugin actually does what it is promising and I can say in full confidence I have received a boost in free traffic from around 35 percent, which is truly amazing from using only one plugin.

That’s it for my Speedii review today, I hope you enjoyed it and if you are not yet convinced if this plugin is actually for you, I urge you to check out my exclusive bonus package below.

This bonus package will assist you in getting even better results from the Speedii plugin then using it all by itself.

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My Bonus Package – Total Value $406!

Bonus #1: Instant Content Generator – Value $97

speedii review

Instant Content Creator – Software For Internet Marketers shows newbies how to instantly create quality content that’s the key to building a solid online presence for optimal audience gain.

This software plugin makes it easy to generate the qualified information your visitors need if you are going to drive qualified buyers to your pages. That will boost your rank, increase conversions, strengthen authority, improve brand recognition, lengthen on page visitor stay time, build trust and boost your profits considerably. With this top quality content creator you’re going to save time and money. Quickly you will have the confidence and know-how to deliver and that’s going to impress your visitors and increase the chances they are going to trust you and want to spend more money. It is all about making more money these days right?

Bonus #2: WP Facebook Quiz Creator – Value $59

speedii review

With WP FaceBook Quiz Creator, you can easily create fun, entertaining Facebook quizzes with just a few clicks of your mouse. By using this useful and effective plugin, you’re giving your visitors the chance to challenge themselves by solving quizzes that will keep them entertained (so this way they will spend more time in your site.) You can also use it to grow your traffic using a series of trivia quizzes with topics related to your business/website.

Bonus #3: Beginners Guide Graphic Design – Value $47

This detailed beginners guide will make you a graphic design master in no time! Perfect for designing different images for your websites

Bonus #4: Tube Traffic Ninja – Value $37

speedii review

Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Dominate Google and YouTube… With Simple Cash Generating Videos!

Bonus #5: eBook Jackpot – Value $119

speedii review

This video course will teach you how to build your backlinks by utilizing PDF files and uploading them to high authority sites. Also it will teach you how to convert that traffic into sales using a successful long-term conversion SEO strategy.

Some of the topics covered:

* Choosing Your Attack Plan

* Creating Your Content

* Types of Hyperlinks

* Things You Need To Gather

* PDF Conversion Softwares

* Advanced Hyperlinks

* Backlinks

and much, much more!

Bonus #6: 100 Website Business Model Ideas – Value $47

speedii review

This bonus will give you 100 website business models. You get ideas for lots of different types of websites and/or businesses to start. Plus you will learn what qualities and features to look for in web hosting companies that will host your websites or blogs. The more websites you have, the more streams of income you will have.

How To Get My Bonuses?

Getting your bonuses is very simple, just pick up the software trough my affiliate link and simply send over your receipt on my contact page which you can find at the menu above.

After you have done this I will send you a file where you can find all my personal bonuses and start enjoying the bonuses.

I hope you enjoyed this Speedii review, if you have any further questions feel free to contact me anytime, I will be more then happy to help.

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