ProfitMail Review – Massive Bonus Pack (Value $5,533!)


ProfitMail is a completely Done-For-You cloud based autoresponder and allows you to take control of your email marketing instantly without having to pay insane amounts of monthly subscriptions!

profitmail review

Overview of ProfitMail


Mike McKay, Radu Hahaianu & Calin Loan



Launch Date:

22th April 2020

Launch Time:

11am EST

Front-End Price:



Highly Recommend



Refund Policy:

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Email Marketing

What is ProfitMail?

In short ProfitMail simplifies the entire email marketing process once and for all in such a way that enables you to focus on making money and not wasting hours in frustration trying to get delivery rates improved or fighting with big autoresponder companies.

ProfitMail is a fully cloud based software. This means you no longer have to download any software unto your pc at all, instead you can just create an account and use the autoresponder that way.


The best thing about ProfitMail must be the price.

If you compare ProfitMail to it’s big competitors like GetResponse, aWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit and many others, the difference in price is actually huge.

For instance a starter plan with GetResponse will cost you $14 a month with a maximum size list of a 1000 subscribers, which is not a lot actually.

Same for aWeber costing you $19 a month for a list of only 500 people.

The next best thing for a new person to get started with when it comes to price is MailChimp where you get access to all the basic email marketing services and a maximum list of 2000 people. But in my opinion MailChimp has a lot of flaws and especially for people who are just getting started it’s actually a hassle since they already have to learn a lot of skills all at once.

To get access to ProfitMail on the other hand only requires you to pay a small one time fee of only $17!

Compared to all it’s big competitors this huge. Not only will it allow you to access all the tools you’ll ever need for your email marketing needs, it will also allow you to grow your list with no limits to it’s size at all.

Something Special

ProfitMail will also offer you something that I haven’t seen anywhere online, ever.

So, what’s that I hear you asking?

ProfitMail is not just any one email marketing software. This software also comes with a drag & drop editor for your emails with a bunch of templates included for you to use. This will ensure you’ll never mess up an email again or have to order a gig from Fiverr to do it for you. The drag & drop builder will make sure your emails will actually convert like crazy.

Import Any List

Another thing I really like, is that you can just import any list without any double opt-in or verification needed. Again in comparison to it’s competitors this is a big one since a lot of them won’t allow you to just import any list at all.

Most of the time they will perform a checkup on the list you are trying to import and whether you got this list yourself or if the people on the list actually approved or subscribed to your emails. So that’s another big plus for ProfitMail if you ask me.

API Integration

ProfitMail comes integrated with API for Sendgrid, Mailgun, Amazon and many more.

Meaning you can send emails from all these powerful services combined and crush your competition. The software spreads the sending across the servers you set up, meaning better deliverability what in turn leads to the consequence that your competitors can’t keep up.

Which is a huge boost in profitability.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

ProfitMail will allow you to connect your SMTP details to your account and mail your list without ever paying a dollar for it.

That means no matter how big your list grows and how many emails you send and it’s still 100% free.

If you want more information on SMTP, check out this page.

About The Creators of ProfitMail

ProfitMail was created by marketers for marketers. It was put together by a highly respected group of internet marketer consisting of Mike McKay, Radu Hahaianu and Calin Loan.

These 3 marketers together have been responsible for some amazing product releases for example: VidSell, ProfitPage, Rush, ARTI, MailClout and many more.

Of these 3 guys I only have experience with Radu since I am using the Rush WP Plugin myself and I must say I am very happy about it. The training provided by Radu is also top notch and has helped me a lot in figuring things out. Radu is an awesome guy always delivering extreme levels of value for free. I am very glad to be a student and customer of his since he has helped me a lot along my path of internet marketing.

For more information on these guys, check out their individual profile below.



Calin (Couldn’t find his profile)

Who Can Use ProfitMail?

The better question would be: Who can’t use ProfitMail in their business?!

The truth is email marketing has become one of the major key components to making big money online.

‘The Money IS In The List’

You probably heard that saying somewhere before. That’s because it true, the rule of thumb is that for every 1 subscriber on your list you can expect to make $1 back each and every month.

Imagine what profits you could be making with only a list of a 1000 people, which wouldn’t be that hard to get if you know how.

So for who is ProfitMail a perfect fit?

Anyone trying to build a succesfull business in my opinion. 

Any internet marketer regardless of the niche they are in, any content creator, anyone who wants to make sales and profits!

Why Should You Get ProfitMail?

email marketing

There are a large number of reasons on why you should get ProfitMail, but in case you aren’t already convinced let me outline some of them for you below.

– A powerful mailing system at your fingertips with zero recurring fees

ProfitMail and all it’s features will be available to you for a one time payment of $17.

No monthly fees, nothing.

Compared to it’s big competitors ProfitMail is in a completeley different zone since $17 won’t even get you access to some of their basic plan with huge restrictions on the capacity of your list.

So to me this really is a NO-BRAINER and I will be using ProfitMail for my own online business right now and in the future times to come.

– Cloud Based Mobile Responsive Software

ProfitMail is a cloud based mobile responsive software, which means you won’t have to download any software unto your pc and can just store all your data on their servers and because the software is mobile responsive it will allow you to access the software from any device you want.

Also ProfitMail will automatically optimize your emails to make them responsive on mobile, tablet and just about anything else. This results in a 50% higher open rate since a lot of user nowadays only check their email on their phone and if your emails aren’t made responsive, you are actually leaving a lot of money on the table in my opinion.

– Unlimited lists, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Emails

With ProfitMail you won’t ever have to think twice about getting more subscribers or only being able to create 5 lists and that’s it or you have to pay more, like some of the other email marketing software do.

This is in my opinion something that really differentiate ProfitMail from it’s competitors because once you start building up your list most of the other email marketing software will ask you to pay even more on a monthly basis and the amount your paying can quickly start to build up.

– Instant Import With No Double Opt-in or Verification

ProfitMail will allow you to import any list without the need of a double opt-in or verification. Again as I compare this to it’s competitors, this is a very nice feature since a lot of the other software will assess everything when it comes to uploading lists from a different platform.

It’s not rare that you try to upload an existing list when joining a new program that it get’s denied and worse case your account immediateley get’s banned from the platform because of suspicion that you didn’t acquire this list in a normal fashion.

No more with ProfitMail. You can acquire a list in any way you want, even if that’s not exactly ‘white hat’ and upload it to ProfitMail’s servers and start emailing immediateley.

– Schedule Your Emails When You Need

Ofcourse this is something you’d expect from any email marketing software.

– Dozens of Built-In Templates To Grab Visitors Attention and Skyrocket your Conversions

The templates provided within the ProfitMail software are of topnotch quality. They are created by marketers for marketers and if you are just getting started with building your own emails and opt-in forms they will be a godsend for you to use and learn from.

Using these templates is very easy to do and can get you started sending out high quality converting emails in a matter of minutes. When I tested these templates in my own email marketing campaign I noticed I got a few percentage points higher clicktrough rate then normal, which surprised me instantly, but says a lot about the quality of these templates. 

In my opinion these templates will alone will make your money you invest in ProfitMail back in no time.

– Incredibly Newbie Friendly

In my opinion ProfitMail is a perfect start for any beginner as it will teach you everything you need to know in a simple manner about email marketing and understanding it’s metrics and techniques.

That doesn’t mean ProfitMail isn’t an awesome addition for any seasoned marketer out there, it’s also most suited as the best budget friendly solution to effective email marketing and isn’t cutting on our expenses something we all focus on?

How Does ProfitMail Work?

Using ProfitMail will be one of the easiest software’s you’ll ever encounter. The first time I got access to the platform I was astounded by it’s user friendliness and simplicity. It’s so easy you could summarize the process in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Simply login to the software online from any device you choose.

Step 2: Upload your existing list to their servers and start building out your campaign.

Step 3: Sit back and watch those conversions come in and in turn profits.

Ofcourse there might be some of you who are pretty new in the internet marketing space and don’t really have a list. Well the creators of ProfitMail has taught especially of you aswell.

They have created done for you opt-in pages that have been proven to convert in to subscribers which you can start using immediatelely.

But don’t believe my word for it, check out this demo video below by Calin himself that will show you just how easy to use ProfitMail really is.

Upsells of ProfitMail


ProfitMail offers 4 upsells but none of these are actually required to start enjoying the benefits ProfitMail offers. Let me go in to some more detail about each of them and then you can make an informed decision whether you actually need it or not. 

Upsell #1: ProfitMail Pro ($47)

The first upsell in the ProfitMail funnel is ProfitMail Pro, which is the one I am actually most excited about picking up myself.

On top of the features ProfitMail already offer you, the Pro version will offer you even more, like:

  • The ability to automatically send follow-ups and sequences to a new subscriber on a new level.
  • Built-in analytics so you can always track how well your campaigns are performing, which is essential since knowledge of data will get you more optimized campaign which in turn will result in more profit for you to keep.
  • You get ProfitMail’s in-house list cleaner that let’s you clean up your list professionaly with just 1 click, while removing duplicate and invalid emails but also automatically remove inactive people that never open any emails from your list.
  • 30 Done For You email campaigns that have been proven to convert and ready to just copy & paste into ProfitMail.
  • The ability to create list segments. This means you will be able to send out different emails to different parts of your list. This is awesome for retargeting people who have or have not already opened one of your previous emails. Also this is a great addition for testing different email swipes and see which one actually performed best. This is a great addition if you ask me.

As a bonus I would like to mention that there will also be a downsell available for this first upsell, so that means if you don’t grab it the first time you see the offer, you will get a $10 discount. So really you could pick this up for just $37!

Upsell #2: ProfitMail Entreprise/DFY ($37)

The second upsell within the ProfitMail funnel is the ProfitMail Entreprise or DFY package as I call it. This is a true business in a box which will deliver you profits without you having to actually do any of the work needed except for copy, paste and click send and watch those 100% commissions come in.

In this package you will actually get a ton of value like:

  • Done For You products. (DFY Support, DFY Sales Page, DFY Software)
  • Done For You email swipes.
  • 100% commissions!
  • 1 on 1 priority support from the experts at ProfitMail.
  • Next level email marketing training to transform you into an expert in no time. This means case studies, over the shoulder training,…

Again as a bonus I would like to mention this upsell also has a downsell available, so again that means if you choose not to purchase this the first time you see this offer, you will get a discount of $10. So you could also pick this up for just $27!

This upsell is especially suited for someone who is just getting started within internet or email marketing. The team of ProfitMail will turn you into an expert email marketer while at the same time you will be collecting 100% commissions and getting the right knowledge for launching your own products in the future.

Upsell #3: Reseller’s License ($47)

The third upsell for ProfitMail is the actuall reseller’s license.

This means once you pick this up you will be able to sell ProfitMail to any of your customers for 100% commission troughout the entire funnel.

So if you would like to sell ProfitMail as your own product without having to worry about doing support, creating a salespage or a funnel, definetely pick this up.

For this upsell there is also a downsell available, so again if you don’t purchase it the first time you will be offered a $10 discount, which brings the price of this reseller’s license to an amazingly low price of $37!

In my opinion the creators have really stepped up their value right here because if you compare it to other product launches who also offer a reseller’s license, most of them sell it for $197 while these guys only sell it for a measly $37! 

That’s just amazing.

Final Verdict of This ProfitMail Review

If you made it all the way here and read trough my review you probably already know my stance on ProfitMail.

In my opinion ProfitMail is the best solution for all your email marketing needs hands down. The price point alone had me sold if I compared it to my monthly subscription to ConvertKit.

Especially since they have all the same features and some of them even better executed then the email marketing giants.

As for the upsells, I have already picked up the ProfitMail Pro upsell to use it for my own business, the data you’re getting from the analytics inside are really valuable to optimize your campaigns and the ability to create list segments is a great feature which I love using for split testing different swipes.

As for the second upsell, ProfitMail Entreprise, in my opinion this would be most suited for anyone who is just getting started in the world of internet or email marketing. This upgrade will give you the tools you need to succeed online while making a killing in commissions.

So in short ProfitMail is a perfect addition in your internet marketing tools and picking it up is an actualy no-brainer as I see it.

What do you think about ProfitMail? Please let me know in the comments, I am eager to hear your opinion.

Don’t forget to check out my awesome bonus package before you decide to purchase ProfitMail or any of the upsells as you may want to reconsider if picking up the upsells is actually needed with my bonuses in your roster.

My Bonus Package Valued at $5,533!!


For ProfitMail I decided I had to put together an awesome bonus package on top of my alreadyu existing mega bonus package I am offering that will allow you to succeed in anything you endeavor online.

To make sure you get the results you deserve you will get the following bonus package for just picking up the front end software for $17 trough my link, which you can do by clicking on any of the blue buttons scattered troughout this page.

Bonus #1: Listbuilding Series (Value $47)

Bonus #2: High Ticket Authority (Value $97)

Bonus #3: 60 Day High Converting Email Sequence (Value $127)

Bonus #4: Atomic List Building Software (Value $27)

Bonus #5: Best Marketing Strategies (Value $27)

Bonus #6: Building a Responsive Email List (Value $17)

Bonus #7: 200 DFY Warm Leads! (Value $147)

Bonus #8: Solo Ad Secrets (Value $47)

This bonus package has been put together by myself especialy for purchasers of ProfitMail but these bonuses aren’t the only thing you are getting once you decide to pick up ProfitMail trough my link!

You will also get the bonus package that was offered by the vendors themself to give to you.

Aaaaaaaand on top of that you will also receive my mega bonus package consisting of 51 products worth $4,997 real life value that are proven to make you money no matter your experience, niche or whatever!

Here is the complete list of everything in my mega bonus package you’re about to get your hands on, retail prized at almost $5,000:

  1. Push Button Traffic 3.0  
  2. Traffic Robot 2
  3. Magic Rank Tracker
  4. eBook Jackpot
  5. Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0  
  6. Video Crusher  
  7. Traffic Robot  
  8. Viral Commission Machine  
  9. ITraffic X  
  10. Commission App
  11. Viral Studio
  12. ClickBank Secrets
  13. Affiliate Cash Monster
  14. Video Profit Machines
  15. YouTube RankAnalyzer
  16. List Building Profit Kit
  17. 8 Super-Softwares
  18. Buyer’s List Blueprint
  19. 3 Steps To Build A 100k-1M/year Business Online!
  20. WP Viral
  21. Instant Traffic For Cents
  22. Piggyback Cash System
  23. 24hr Income System
  24. 25 Fast Traffic Methods
  25. SocialBoost
  26. Buyer Funnel
  27. Zoo Funnel Mastery
  28. Super Fast Traffic System
  29. Evergreen commission machine + DFY + 10 x your result with it also
  30. Instagram Secrets
  31. WP Ebook Maker
  32. Commission Fire
  33. Build Your Tribe
  34. Aff Marketing Profit
  35. Super Quick Traffic
  36. 3500 Instagram FB Inspirational Images
  37. Secret traffic goldmine
  38. 100’s Background Music Tracks
  39. 170+ High Quality Stock Images Bundle
  40. 16 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080
  41. YouTube Easy Video Course  
  42. Niche and keyword research  
  43. Facebook live authority  
  44. High Ticket Authority  
  45. 100 Bucks a Day Video Series
  46. Sales Bot  
  47. Affiliate List Pro  
  48. Push-Click-Commissions 
  49. How to make $2k a day video training
  50. Rapid Google Account Creator
  51. Prestige
  52. 20 WordPress plugins
  53. 70 sales letter templates
  54. The IM Toolkit
  55. Huge Software Package (Worth 997)
  56. Rapid Income Email Software
  57. WP Squeeze Question
  58. Rapid Income Fast Funnels
  59. 3 Step Machines
  60. Traffic Siphon
  61. 10 Mega Plugins
  62. 7 New Plugins
Total value $4,997.
And yes I know, that’s 63 products, not 51. That’s because some of them are smaller products, so consider the additional ones you get extra bonuses:).
So if I add up all of my exclusive bonuses to my mega bonus package, these bonuses have a combined value of $5,533!!
That isn’t including the price of the bonuses the vendor is offering me to give away to you guys, so you’re getting insane amount of value when you decide to pick up ProfitMail trough my link.

How To Get My Bonuses?

Getting your bonuses is very simple, just pick up ProfitMail trough my affiliate link and simply send over your receipt on my contact page which you can find at the menu above or click right here.

After you have done this I will send you a file where you can find all my bonuses mentioned above at once.

I hope you enjoyed this ProfitMail review, if you have any further questions feel free to contact me anytime, I will be more then happy to help.

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ProfitMail Review - Massive Bonus Pack (Value $5,533!) - Cash Online guide

In this ProfitMail review I will show you a cloud based autoresponder that allows you to take control of your email marketing instantly without having to pay insane amounts of monthly subscriptions!

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Browser

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