Panda Payments Review – Build Recurring Income Online – Massive Bonus Pack ($5,289!)

Who doesn’t love recurring monthly income?

I do, to be sure!

This is exaclty what Panda Payments will offer you.

In this system you will learn about some awesome sites which you can promote to receive a monthly recurring income for each month your refferal stays on board.

The best thing is, these sites have a very high retention rate and because of that a lot of people stay subscribed for a large amount of time.

panda payments review

Overview of Panda Payments


Dawud Islam

Panda Payments

Launch Date:

24th April 2020

Launch Time:

9am EDT

Front-End Price:






Refund Policy:

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Affiliate Marketing

What is Panda Payments?

panda payments review

In Panda Payments you will learn about a couple of sites that are extremely resourceful for anyone getting started in the internet marketing space.

These are sites you probably haven’t heard of before, as I haven’t heard of any one of them before review Panda Payments.

The creator of Panda Payments, Dawud Islam, will teach you how to promote these sites with various free traffic methods, so anyone can get started, newbie or advanced marketer.

In the Panda Payments Pro, Dawud will teach you even more techniques to get your recurring monthly income to the next level by building your own website and teaching you how to promote these sites effectively. 

But more about the upsells below.

The best thing about the sites Dawud will share inside of Panda Payments, is that they are very resourceful and anyone who is just getting started will absolutely love these sites. Only because they have all the tools they need to get started at a very reasonable price compared to the big players when it comes to internet marketing tools.

Also to get access to these sites any refferal will have to pay a small monthly fee which you will get a commission for.

I won’t go into further details to the specific sites being shared as that would spill the tea and you will just have to find out for yourself inside of Panda Payments, you won’t regret it.

About the Creator of Panda Payments

dawud islam panda payments review

Panda Payments was created by Dawud Islam, a respected internet marketer, who has become somewhat famous in the internet marketing space for scaling his online business to 5-figures or even more.

He is also known for delivering extremely high quality products and giving out a lot of value.

You may have heard from him trough some of his recent launches like: The Lockdown Formula (With Jono Armstrong), Puma Products, Internet Marketing Alphabet, Cougar Commission, Leopords List, Tigers Traffic and many more.

Dawud is also the CEO of Elite Tigers Group, which is a group that was developed to teach people how to get alternate incomes online without the need for paypal or an actual 9-5 job.

Click here for more information on Dawud and Elite Tigers Group.

Who is Panda Payments for?

Panda Payments is extremely suited for anyone who is just getting started within the internet or affiliate marketing space.

It is also well suited for anyone who hasn’t reached a point of recurring monthly income.

The thing with affiliate marketing is that you have to keep grinding each and every month not knowing for certain wether next month will deliver the same paycheck as this one, without ever having the ability to take your foot of the gas pedal.

Instead Dawud will teach anyone who is intrested how you get some recurring income online in a easy to follow system.

This way once you put in the work and got your results, you can be sure next month will deliver these same results and at this point you will actually be able to decide for yourself whether you want to leave your 9-5 job or go on a holiday without actually doing any work whatsoever.

Which in my opinion is true financial freedom and something we all desire.

Why should you get Panda Payments?

Getting Panda Payments is an absolute no-brainer in my opinion as it is an evergreen method that won’t stop working anytime soon, especially since the price is only $9,95.

That’s less then the price of a pizza nowadays!

If getting Panda Payments will only give you a slight chance at achieving financial freedom and getting you passive income and it would only cost you like 10 bucks, isn’t that worth it?

I think so!

That’s why I have decided to also follow the training inside of Panda Payments and started taking action on what Dawud preaches as he certainly knows his stuff and wants you to succeed.

That’s only thing that’s actually needed on your part if you want to succeed you know.


Dawud will also offer you his previous traffic course, Tigers Traffic, which will show you how to start getting free traffic to your offer.

You could also use the techniques taught inside of Tigers Traffic to promote any offer you would like as they are evergreen methods aswell.

So actually you are getting 2 courses for the price of one!

And then I haven’t even gone over the bonuses your about to receive from Dawud and myself once you pick up just the intro version of Panda Payments trough my link, which will make sure there is no question whether you will succeed online, the question is when will you take the action needed to succeed.

How does Panda Payments work?

Once you pick up Panda Payments getting started is very easy. 

You will receive an receipt in your inbox of the email you used to buy the product.

With this receipt you get all the info needed to login to the members area of Panda Payments, which is very easy to navigate.

Once inside you will be greeted by a welcome video from Dawud himself, who will deliver all the training himself.

Dawud will go over step by step what you need to do and if you follow along and take action there is no doubt that in no time you will build a high monthly recurring passive income for yourself.

Check out the demo video above, done by Dawud himself.

Upsells & OTO's of Panda Payments


Panda Payments offers 4 upsells but none of these are actually required to start enjoying the benefits Panda Payments offers.

Let me go in to some more detail about each of them and then you can make an informed decision whether you actually need it or not. 

Upsell #1: Panda Payments Pro ($37)

The first OTO (One Time Offer) for Panda Payments is Panda Payments Pro, which will cost you an additional $37 on top of the front end price which is a measly $9,95.

Inside of Panda Payments Pro you will receive training on a unique system that will allow you to create your own membership website where all the sites that are mentioned within the basic package are used to create recurring income.

This way you will have your own membership site where people will first pay you a fee for getting access to the the website and after that you will receive monthly recurring income if they start using the websites you promote on your membership site.

Not only that, but because people will sign up to your membership site, you will also get a great opportunity to start building your list which will consist of actual buyers who have been proven to spend some money.

This will allow you to start your email marketing to your new list and as you probably heard some people say this quite often, ‘the money is in the list’, I can very much say this is the truth.

Once you have your list of buyers, you can start to see real money coming in on a consistent basis on top of your already existing income from your membership site and promoting these offers.

I would highly recommend picking this up as it has great potential to blow your income to the moon as you’ll be stacking up different streams of income from all over the place, which will rapidly snowball into big money

Upsell #2: 6 Super Solo Ads ($67)

As for OTO #2 for Panda Payments, Dawud will give you one chance only to act fast and actually get 6 Solo ads to his list of buyers from all over his own membership sites!

This means you are getting high quality traffic for the low price of $67 to 16.000 people times 6 to any offer you choose.

You could choose to send them over to your links of the sites that are being used inside of Panda Payments or you could choose to send them to a totally different offer, it’s totally up to you.

You could even choose to send them to your own product and get 16.000 hungry buyers to your salespage, which will guarantee you get the results you deserve in no time.

In my opinion this is an awesome offer because if you are a bit familiar with solo ads, you probably know they can get pretty expensive.

As Dawud will tell you he frequently charges $20 per solo ad to his existing list of buyers, which would result in a whopping price of $120 for 6 solo ads.

Dawud is offering it to you at like a 50% discount where you get 6 solo ads to whatever offer you choose for only $67, which is huge if you ask me.

Be careful tho, this offer is only available once and won’t be accessible once you have passed on it, so take your time and think it trough.

This is some great value.

Upsell #3: Reseller Licence to 4 Products ($67)

Upsell number 3 is an absolute no-brainer if you ask me.

Dawud will offer you to get a reseller licence for 4 of his products.

These products are Puma Products, Cougar Commissions, Leopard Lists and ofcourse Panda Payments itself.

This will allow you to sell all these products as if they were completely your own which means you will get a 100% commission on any of these or all of these once you market them to your customers.

Normally when you see a launch a lot of sellers will offer you a reseller license for a whopping price of $197 and that’s only for one product in particular!

This time, Dawud is doing something really amazing and is offering you a chance to get 4 done for you products that already have everything in place.

You won’t have to worry about making salespages, doing support or any of that stuff.

All you would have to do is drive buyer traffic to the salespage and receive 100% commission on any of these products.

That’s truly amazing, especially for someone who is just getting started or anyone who doesn’t like creating there own product in the first place.

An exceptional opportunity in my opinion.

Upsell #4: DFY Setup ($197)

The last upsell in the Panda Payments funnel is a DFY setup of the membership site done by Dawud himself.

This is especially suited for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of technical skills when it comes to setting up websites on your own or if you just want to 100x the results you will get from Panda Payments, if so you might want to consider this one.

Dawud will do everything for you and set up the site with the information you provide him with via email.

After everything has been set up and your site is ready to launch, you will get a 1 on 1 coaching call on skype with Dawud himself where he will go over the specefics to the site and how you can proceed to promote it effectively in the future.

He will also put your website inside a rotation on his own 25 membership sites with over 16.000 members which will make sure you will get atleast a couple of sign ups

Ofcourse to get access to this upsell you will already had to pick up Panda Payments Pro.

But if you didn’t pick it up the first time you were offered Panda Payments Pro and you would like to get access to the DFY setup, no need to worry as the Panda Payments Pro will be available inside of the members area.

Dawud has put together a bonus pack especially for you on top of all the good stuff you’re already receiving once you pick up the basic version of Panda Payments.

Bonus #1: Panther Profits ($11.95)

Panther Profits is actually one of Dawud’s previous bestselling products and is perfect for beginners.

It teaches you how to grow your list by giving away competition entries to win sought after prizes. You’ll learn how to get other people to build your lists for you by incentivizing them to get you more sign ups and sales.

Bonus #2: 3 Ways To Earn $1000 per month on Youtube

In this bonus you will learn how you can make an online income of $1000 a month on Youtube.

I don’t have any more information on this bonus you will just have to find out for yourself as this bonus isn’t yet included in the beta access.

Bonus #3: 7 Steps to a succesful Blog

In this bonus you will learn 7 steps to create and manage a succesful blog.

Again I don’t have any more information on this.

Bonus #4: Banking With Bonuses

I have absolutely no clue what this bonus consists of as this one isn’t available in the beta testing either, my apologies.

Bonus #5: FB Livewire

In this bonus you will learn some specific methods to leverage the power of Facebook Live which is booming right now.

Same as the bonuses previously mentioned I don’t have any more information on these, you will again just have to find once you pick up Panda Payments.

My Bonus Package (Value $5,289!)


For Panda Payments I decided to make a convenient bonus on top of my already mega bonus pack that’s valued at $4,997.

To make sure you get the results you deserve you will get the following bonus package for just picking up Panda Payments for $9.95 trough my link, which you can do by clicking on any of the blue buttons scattered troughout this page.

Bonus #1: Product Creation Formula ($37)

In this course you will learn the formula to nailing your first product launch, going from the weeks running up to a launch and recruiting JV’s and affiliates to the actual launch day itself and the aftermath of dealing with the resources you received from the launch itself, a valuable asset.

Bonus #2: Solo Ad Secrets ($27)

This video course will teach you the secrets to effective Solo Ad campaign, which will prove highly profitable to implement with the methods taught by Dawud.

Bonus #3: Effective Salespage ($17)

This ebook will teach you everything an effective salespage must have to get some high converting numbers.

Bonus #4: 16 Free Traffic Methods ($47)

In these reports you will learn 16 different free traffic methods that will prove to be invaluable knowledge in your internet marketing journey. Some of these methods may overlap with what Dawud is already teaching you inside of his Tiger Traffic course.

Bonus #5: Youtube Marketing Made Easy ($97)

As you know Youtube has never been so popular as right now and will keep on expanding it’s boom troughout the future. Having decent knowledge on how to market effectively on Youtube will prove to be an invaluable skill you will want to master.

Bonus #6: 30 DFY Emails Templates ($67)

Hate writing your own emails?

Well, as an extra I decided to add on 30 DFY email templates written by myself to use freely in any of your future email marketing campaigns and sequences. These emails have been proven to convert and you may alter these as per your personal needs.

My Mega Bonus Package (Value $4,997)

This bonus package has been put together by myself especialy for purchasers of Panda Payments but these bonuses aren’t the only thing you are getting once you decide to pick up Panda Payments trough my link!

You will also get the bonus package that is being offered by Dawud himself.

And on top of that you will also receive my mega bonus package consisting of 51 products worth $4,997 real life value that are proven to make you money no matter your experience, niche or whatever!

Here is the complete list of everything in my mega bonus package you’re about to get your hands on, retail prized at almost $5,000:

  1. Push Button Traffic 3.0  
  2. Traffic Robot 2
  3. Magic Rank Tracker
  4. eBook Jackpot
  5. Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0  
  6. Video Crusher  
  7. Traffic Robot  
  8. Viral Commission Machine  
  9. ITraffic X  
  10. Commission App
  11. Viral Studio
  12. ClickBank Secrets
  13. Affiliate Cash Monster
  14. Video Profit Machines
  15. YouTube RankAnalyzer
  16. List Building Profit Kit
  17. 8 Super-Softwares
  18. Buyer’s List Blueprint
  19. 3 Steps To Build A 100k-1M/year Business Online!
  20. WP Viral
  21. Instant Traffic For Cents
  22. Piggyback Cash System
  23. 24hr Income System
  24. 25 Fast Traffic Methods
  25. SocialBoost
  26. Buyer Funnel
  27. Zoo Funnel Mastery
  28. Super Fast Traffic System
  29. Evergreen commission machine + DFY + 10 x your result with it also
  30. Instagram Secrets
  31. WP Ebook Maker
  32. Commission Fire
  33. Build Your Tribe
  34. Aff Marketing Profit
  35. Super Quick Traffic
  36. 3500 Instagram FB Inspirational Images
  37. Secret traffic goldmine
  38. 100’s Background Music Tracks
  39. 170+ High Quality Stock Images Bundle
  40. 16 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080
  41. YouTube Easy Video Course  
  42. Niche and keyword research  
  43. Facebook live authority  
  44. High Ticket Authority  
  45. 100 Bucks a Day Video Series
  46. Sales Bot  
  47. Affiliate List Pro  
  48. Push-Click-Commissions 
  49. How to make $2k a day video training
  50. Rapid Google Account Creator
  51. Prestige
  52. 20 WordPress plugins
  53. 70 sales letter templates
  54. The IM Toolkit
  55. Huge Software Package (Worth 997)
  56. Rapid Income Email Software
  57. WP Squeeze Question
  58. Rapid Income Fast Funnels
  59. 3 Step Machines
  60. Traffic Siphon
  61. 10 Mega Plugins
  62. 7 New Plugins
Total value $4,997.
And yes I know, that’s 63 products, not 51. That’s because some of them are smaller products, so consider the additional ones you get extra bonuses:).
So if I add up all of my exclusive bonuses to my mega bonus package, these bonuses have a combined value of $5,289!!
That isn’t including the price of the bonuses the Dawud is offering, so you’re getting insane amount of value when you decide to pick up Panda Payments trough my link.

Final Verdict of this Panda Payments Review

If you made it this for you probablt already know my opinion on Panda Payments.

I think it’s an absolute no-brainer, because the training inside and the information taught by Dawud is very high quality and valuable for anyone, newbie or advanced.

If you take action on everything Dawud is teaching you in Panda Payments, you will have no choice but get the results you want in my humble opinion.

As for the upsells, getting the pro version will actually prove to be a valuable asset because the basic version is just that, basic.

The pro version will actually help you doing it the proper way, which is starting you own hub (your website), which you can use to market different kinds of products and actually receive multiple streams of income.

Once you have learned how to set up your own website the opportunities are endless and will prove to be highly lucrative in the process.

For the second and third upsell you will have to make up your mind yourself if you like to save some dollars to actually spend on some other things instead of paying full price for something like solo ads. 

Dawud is actually giving you a crazy opportunity to benefit from his existing list at a discount. If you decide to go with the 6 super solo ads this may well be the best thing you decide to pick up inside this funnel because it can kickstart the whole thing in to an accelerated snowball effect.

The last upsell, DFY Setup, is probably the most suited for newbies who aren’t familiar with any of the technical stuff or anyone who believes in the system but doesn’t have a lot of time to do all these little steps that are necessary themselves. If this is you I highly recommend you pick this one up.

Also in the DFY Setup you will get a chance at an 1 on 1 coaching call with Dawud himself where you can ask him any question you want, which can also prove to be something worth while to guide you trough your journey and give you some direction to where to go next and take action.

So we have come to the end of this Panda Payments review, as always I have tried to go into as much detail as possible while being honest and transparent. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please let me know in the comments what’s your opinion on Panda Payments? I’m eager to hear from your point of view.

Thanks for making it this far!

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me anytime, I will be more then happy to help.

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