How to Make Big Money Online Promoting Clickbank With Native Ads – 2020

In this article you will find an introduction on how to make money online promoting Clickbank with Native Ads. This method was brought to my attention by an amazing youtuber who goes by the name of Colin Dijs.

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This all being said let’s get to it!

clickbank with native ads

What is Clickbank?

To start of for anyone who is pretty new to the affiliate marketing space, what is Clickbank?

Clickbank is the 87th biggest online retailer in the US, with the central station in Boise, Idaho. ClickBank banded together with established businesses to make, distribute and sell more than 6 million exceptional products.

ClickBank has the force and assets to arrive at 200 million clients around the globe in 2020 with their simple to explore the platform.

The organization plans to furnish business visionaries with the tools and assets they have to develop their business and effect such a significant number of more clients contrasted with marketing all alone. As indicated by the organization’s authentic site, ClickBank has 1.5+ million affiliate marketers starting in July 2020. around 100+K are designated ‘dynamic’ at some random time.

ClickBank sells 800+ products on their site running in 23 niches from training to wine and much much more. This platform has stamped over 1,000+ tycoons after they cooperated with the online marketplace to sell their products.

Over US$3 billion has been executed by means of ClickBank through 15 years of online business.

Creating a Clickbank Account.

Now we got that out of the way you can start by creating your Clickbank account if you don’t have it already.

This process is very straightforward.

Head over to Clickbank and in the top right corner you will see a button that says ‘create an account’.

Click this and procceed with filling out your personal details and voila, your account was created!

How To Choose a Clickbank Offer?

Now we know exactly what Clickbank is and have an account created, we can have a look at the process to select an appropriate offer for our campaign.

Now you want to login to your account and head over to the marketplace. You can do this by clicking the button at the top of the page.

clickbank marketplace

Here you want to browse trough the different niches and pick one you think will be appropriate for your campaign.

Next we want to filter the results for gravity and take a look at the top results.

What is Clickbank gravity?

Gravity is pretty simple to explain.

The number you see next to gravity tells you the actual number of unique affiliates who have earned a commission by promoting this product in particular during the last 12 weeks.

That means the higher the gravity, the more affiliates have had success promoting this offer.

Which is exactly what were looking for.
Free Trial - V-Day Edition

Better Way To Find The RIGHT  Clickbank Offer

So the method above is fairly straightforward and easy to do. We now know the most popular products that are proven to sell in our chosen niche.

But one thing we don’t know is whether the offer is actually being advertised trough native ads and if it’s actually converting on there.

This brings me to a much better method in finding a guaranteed winner to promote on Clickbank.

For this method we want to use a native ads spy tool. There are many different ones out there, with each their different price tag and features.

7 Best Native Ad Spy Tools

But my personal favorite will always be Adplexity. This tool is so advanced it’s actually crazy. It has a lot of different packages but what we want is the Adplexity Native ofcourse for this method.

With this tool we are able to check out the different offers being promoting on most of the native ad networks and best of all we can filter them by affiliate program.

So in this case we want to filter to show only offer that are being promoted trough Clickbank.

Once here we can see all the different offers from Clickbank, now we can filter these results to show either the ads that have received the most traffic or the ads that have been running the longest.

If the ads have been running for a long time this usually means that the person who created this ad has earned atleast some money with it, otherwise they would have canceled the ad.

Once we have found the best offer we can start checking out their actual landingpage, the image they used and the actual headline.

This is why we want to use Adplexity because now we have some amazing information on an offer that is actually converting. So we want to save everything there is from the ad like the image, headline and landingpage and use it as an inspiration for our own campaign.

Don’t exactly copy what this person has done, but be creative yourself and use it as an inspiration!

What are Native Ads?

So now that we have our offer, I want to explain to all of you who have been wondering troughout this article, what exactly are native advertisements?

Native ads are actually pretty simple to understand, they are ads that resemble the actual content that is being published on the site but instead of just being informative, these ads are being paid for by an advertiser and is intended to promote a certain offer, product or service.

You probably have seen them all over the web without even realizing it.

Native Advertisement Examples

I want to give you a few native ad examples.

For this example I simply went to CNN and scrolled all the way to the bottom.

Here you can see a section where it says ‘Paid Content, sponsored by Outbrain‘. These are all native ads that are being promoted trough the native ad network called Outbrain.

clickbank with native ads

Outbrain is one of the bigger native ad networks you can use and is accesible for anyone.

Creating Your Landing Page

Now we have all the information we need we can start creating our landingpage.

If you have no idea on how to get this done check out the video below by my friend Franklin Hatchett explaining how to set up a simple landingpage in Clickfunnels.

There are a lot of alternatives to Clickfunnels like Builderall, Leadpages, Kartra and so forth.

The best way to create you landing page for this method is to actually use an optin form and give a free video or ebook to the visitors in return for giving you their email address.

You can get this free gift at the affiliate recources page on Clickbank. You can find this page in the discription of the offer you are going to promote.

Once the visitor has entered their details you can send them an automatic message trough your autoresponder where you deliver the free piece of content they signed up for.

After that the visitor will be redirected to the affiliate offer where they will go to the vendors funnel and if they buy anything you will earn your commission.

But it doesn’t end there, because you now have their email address and can keep promoting this offer over the coming days trough your autoresponder.

You can also find the email swipes you will need at the affiliate recource page on Clickbank.

If you don’t have an autoresponder yet check out my absolute favorite, GetResponse and get a 30 day FREE  trial!
Automation templates

Setting Up Your Native Ad Campaign

We now have selected the offer we want to promote, created our landingpage and set up our autoresponder/follow up emails. This means it is now finally time to go ahead and start setting up our native ad campaign.

For this I want to use a software called Voluum DSP.

What is Voluum DSP?

A DSP (a Demand-Side Platform) is a type of software that enables you to manage, purchase, and optimize digital advertising inventory from multiple Ad Exchanges and SSPs (Supply Side Platforms) through a single interface.

What it means is that with a DSP you can buy a diversified ad inventory, across a range of publishers, through a single platform.

Demand-side platforms use data from a variety of sources to make media buying more efficient and match ads to audiences in real-time.

On the platform, you can see the market rate for every impression, control which Ad Exchanges you want to buy from, and how much you want to bid.

All that lets you optimize your campaigns more easily.

Why use Voluum DSP?

Voluum DSP is a premium media buying platform for performance marketers. It offers converting native traffic from 30+ integrated traffic sources, including Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, and Liveintent.

With Voluum DSP you can take advantage of:

  • Campaign approval – 24/7 campaign approval with clear compliance guidelines
  • Automatic micro bidding – Get your highest ROI by running on auto-pilot
  • Creative assets A/B testing – Bulk upload images and test various headlines
  • Automatic Campaign Split – Open separate campaigns per Ad Exchange and Device type with one click
  • Account Management – Get a dedicated AM who will help you with onboarding, optimization, and scaling.

voluum dsp


Setting Up Your Campaign

Once inside of the Voluum DSP dashboard you can click on the green button that says ‘Create new native campaign’.

After that you will be presented with a campaign creation window which I will now walk you trough step by step, follow along carefully.


Put workspace on initial and below that change the campaign name to the name of the product you are promoting from Clickbank.

Below that it will ask you for a destination url.

In here you want to put the url from the landing page you have created before. So don’t put your actual affiliate link in here but the url of your landing page.

Below, it will ask you for a advertiser domain, simply put in the main domain of the product you are promoting from Clickbank.

After that you can proceed to where it says ‘frequency capping’, set that to 3 per day, so there is enough traffic coming trough but you don’t get to aggressive initially.

Then click on next to get to the targeting tab.


First you will be asked for the countries you would like to run this campaign in, this will be dependant on your offer.

Next thing we want to do is select an ad exchange, this is very important.

The good thing on Voluum DSP is that it will show you which type of offer will do good on which ad exchange. So you want to scroll trough the different ad exchanges and find the ones that are suited for the offer you are promoting.

If you are just starting out I would advise you on starting out with just one ad exchange per campaign so you don’t overcomplicate your data.

If you scroll down you will find the option to select the device targeting, simply select both mobile and desktop when you are starting out because you haven’t gotten any data to see what’s actually converting the best.

Leave the options below as is and proceed to the budget tab.


Once you enter the budget tab, you will be requested to enter your max bid. Next to this box you will see a recommended tab, don’t mind this. Just start a low budget and a pricetag you are comfortable with. If you don’t get any traffic you can always raise you max bid further down the line.

Below that you can enter in your daily budget. I would advise you on starting out with $100 a day but you can spend whatever you feel comfortable with.

For spend strategy you don’t want to let it sit on ASAP, just change this to ‘Smooth’ and click on next.


This is the tab where we want to upload our creatives. We should have an idea on what to put in here from the examples we have seen in the native ad spy tool.

So you want to put in all your different headlines and images.

The goal is to test out as many different combinations as possible and analyse the data and proceed from there.

Final Word on Clickbank with Native Ads

Well to be honest I am not all that experienced in this method, I just tought I mentioned it here because of it great potential. It seems to me if you are seriours about making some big money on Clickbank, native ads are the way to go.

If you are interested in getting to know all about this method on making money online from Clickbank with Native Ads, I would advise you on signing up for Colin Dijs Mastermind Group which will cover this in great detail and give you a FREE campaign once you sign up and reserve a spot.

If doing the mastermind isn’t for you, you can always check out Colin’s Youtube Channel which is packed with value.

Check out this video below which was made by one of the associates of Colin and explains this method in great detail aswell.

That’s it for this method today, thank you for following along and making it this far. I tried my best on explaining the basics of this method and I hope you got some value out of it.

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