How To Make Money with Fiverr Without Any Skills – 2020

Fiverr has succesfully become one of the most popular freelancing platforms on the internet. This makes it possible for anyone to start selling any online skill they may have. In this article I will go over the 3 different ways on how to make money with Fiverr without any skills whatsoever.

A lot of people talk about making money on Fiverr but what if you don’t really have any skills to offer to people?

Well that’s an issue we will resolve in this article. Make sure to try them all three and you will make a lot more money in the long run.

These Fiverr jobs are easy to get started with today and start getting orders immediately. These are designed to get you some quick cash with zero skills involved. All of these you can do with just your computer, some time and zero skills.

So let’s get going with our number 1.

Method #1: Background removal

how to make money with fiverr

When you read background removal, I can almost hear you cough up and say ‘well that’s a bit to complicated for me, won’t I need Photoshop for that?’

Well actually no, you don’t need Photoshop! There is a much easier software available online which you can use totally free of charge. You can check it out right here at

So what you wanna do is create your gig and once you get an order, you will receive an image. Save this image to your computer and proceed to

Drop in the image you have received from your customer and let the tool do it’s thing. Most of the time the tool will actually do a very good job and create a high quality result, but sometimes you will have to some editing depending on the image.

That’s it! You just removed the background from your first image. Simply download the new image and it is ready to be send to your customer.

Is this actually getting orders?

Yes this is a very popular gig and a lot of people don’t really know how to do it. But with this tool it get’s as easy as slicing butter.

how to make money with fiverr

How should you present your listing?

The easiest way to set up your gig is to check out some of the top rated sellers in your gig and see what they are doing.

All you then have to do is try and imitate them. For instance you can see the top rated seller fort his gig below is offering a standard package of 20 image background removals for $5, 50 removals for $10 and 100 removals for $20.

how to make money with fiverr

With this software you can do atleast one removal every 2 minutes max so that’s easy money right there!

Method #2: Creating Niche Designs

Another great method to make some quick cash on fiverr is creating very niche designs. I know you are not a designer or not even very creative. But stay with me, if I can do it anyone can because this is very simple to do.

Again for this method we want to use a free online software called Canva. This software is also totally free of charge and comes with a huge variety of templates of all sorts.

A lot of people will tell you to go the easy route and just create social media designs like facebook post, instagram post,… but as you can see below there are so much listings for facebook post that it’s gonna be pretty hard to get noticed and sell some.

how to make money with fiverr

If we dig a little bit deeper into what canva has to offer, we can see it also offers a great deal of very niche designs like wedding invitations, birthday cards, product labels, gift certificate and many more.

how to make money with fiverr

What I want you to do is choose any of the not so obvious designs and create a listing for one of these. As this is a lot more niche then doing a facebook post, the competetion in turn will be a lot lower which you can take advantage of.

How do i create the designs?

So the process to create these design would be fairly simple.

Canva is a very userfriendly free software that let’s you create some beautiful designs in minutes. Ofcourse you have the option to use the paid version which will give you access to even more tools and templates. This could be interesting once you start making some good money and want to expand your horizons.

We go over to canva and we select the type of design we have created a listing for. After that you will be redirected in to a second tab and start seeing a lot of different templates.

Simply choose the one you think will fit the customer’s demand and customize it a little bit to suit their requirements.


how to make money with fiverr

You have just created an awesome design in less then 5 minutes and made some easy cash online without any skills involved.

How should you present your listing?

Again, the easiest way to get this right is to do a little spying on the top rated sellers in your particular niche and see what they are doing right. Simply use their example to imitate your own listing and start getting orders.

how to make money with fiverr

As example I chose to do wedding invitations design, you would think nobody is interested in this but you couldn’t be more wrong. Everyday people are ordering these designs on fiverr and it’s easy money for the sellers.

So what are you waiting for, start making money on Fiverr today without any skills.

Method #3: Video Spokesperson

What is a Video Spokesperson?

A spokesperson is someone who get’s hired by a certain company, brand or individual to basically do a review video, read some script or just want that person to speak while recording themselves on camera.

This is something that literally everyone can do who has access to a smartphone, because if you would check the listings on fiverr, you can see a lot of people are actually getting orders for decent amounts cash using just their phone.

how to make money with fiverr

How does this work?

Being a spokesperson is very simple to do if your already used to being on camera. I know it can be kind of awkward in the beginning to do your first few videos but after a while it will get a lot more natural and easier to record yourself.

The main key here is to do a little practice before you start selling it.

How should you present your listing?

how to make money with fiverr

If we look again to the top rated seller to get some inspiration we can just imitate our gig and set a lower price to get some orders and review rolling in.

With this method it is actually possible to start your prices a bit higher up because it is a highly demanded gig. Be sure to try it out.


Bonus Method #4: Mind reading and Love Spells

I know, I know how it sounds like that’s not possible. Well my friend, on Fiverr it is very real. If you would type in ‘love spell’ in the search bar on fiverr, you would be amazed at the results this beautiful niche is getting.

how to make money with fiverr

Take notice the different listings with a lot of review where you would actually need no skills at all. Instead you would actually be collecting money and in return do some Love spell by thinking of your customers ex and hope fort he best!

Surely you would want to give this one a try, when you do feel free to send me some results you’ve been getting.


These are 3 easy ways on how to make money with Fiverr without any skills. Make sure you try them all three at the same time for maximal profit, do a bit of effort and you’ll be amazed how fast the cash will pile up.

Tip: Buy all of your Fiverr gigs just once yourself and give yourself a 5 star rating to get ball rolling. Fiverr reviews are very important to get your Fiverr jobs shown to more people. You will only lose the service fee in the process, a small price to get some quick results!

That’s it for our 3 ways on how to make money with Fiverr without any skills, if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime!

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