How To Create a Landing Page for Free and Paid Method – 2020

Landing pages are very important in affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have a landing page, you can’t advertise on Google, you can’t advertise on Facebook and you can’t advertise on YouTube.

You need a landing page and I’m going to go over 2 methods to create a landing page.

I’m going to go over on how to create a landing page for free and how to create a landing page using a paid method.

Let’s get started!

how to create a landingpage for free

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are so essential.

Landing pages were the missing link for me becoming successful in affiliate marketing four years.

For years not being able to create a landing page held me back.

Because I kept trying to put affiliate links in Google or in Facebook but they don’t like affiliate links.

And it’s just so… I feel like it’s discriminating but it’s crazy but it’s the reality.

Those networks want people who have their own websites. And even then they sometimes ban you. It’s crazy. But the only way to give yourself a chance is to have a landing page.

So what exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page with a single focused call to action either a sign up form or a button.

Contests and coupons are also great types of landing pages. Visitors of these pages generally arrive there after clicking on Google, a Facebook ad or a link in a Google search results page.

One of the most important aspects of a landing page is that it has no top bar navigation links meant to limit the options available to your visitors and helping them guide them towards the intended call to action.

Contests are great way to get new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, traffic to your website and leads by incentivizing them with a prize.

There are many different types of contests from the most basic random draw like a Facebook sweepstakes or to a highly involved video contest that has a panel of judges choosing the winner all of which can be easily set up with contest apps like Wishponds.

My biggest piece of contest advice, do not give away an iPad…

You will get a ton of entries but those people will not be interested in your product and they will be interested in only the iPad.

This will make it almost impossible for you to turn those leads into customers because they’re only interested in iPads.

Giving away a product that you sell or store gift card ensures that the entrants are actually interested in you, which makes it easy to convert them into customers.

There are two types of main landing pages for two different goals.

First click through pages, which are meant to sell visitors on a product, service or offer with a value proposition which includes images and information needed to make an informed decision to get them to click a call to action button that directs them to an e-commerce shopping cart, a PayPal payment form or a registration page.

The second kind of landing page are lead generation pages.

These are used to collect information such as name and email address on a sign up form.

This allows you to market to and connect with your potential customers or leads at a subsequent time.

As such a lead generation page will include a form along with a description about what you’re going to get in return for submitting information or opting in an effective lead generation page offers.

People want to get something in exchange for filling out the sign-up form for example an e-book, free webinar, coupon or giveaway, this is what’s known as a lead magnet.

How To Create a Landing Page For Free

Now, the downside of the free method that I’m going to go over is that it requires programming and get a little technical.

So, that’s…

That sucks to be honest.

But I’ll show you the simplistic version of how to do this method.

I don’t know programming.

I know a little bit. But I really don’t.

Okay, so for the free method.

It sort of varies whether you have a Mac or whether you have a PC.

So, if you have a PC, if you’re working off of Windows, you want to search the term HTT track.

HTT track, check it out right here.

You’ll be given a software. It’s a free website copier.

This software will allow you to actually copy websites and use them as landing pages. Don’t worry this is completely legal to do.

Head over to the download section and download whatever the latest version is. It’s a very old site but…

It’s free software, whatever… Just so you know, I used it in the past.

This is what I used for years actually before there was Clickfunnels, which is the second method. I’ll show you soon.

Now, if you have a Mac or some sort of Apple computer, what you want to use is SiteSucker.

You can check that out right here.

Scroll down the page and download that file and install unto your Mac

I don’t have a Mac, I don’t use Mac’s. I’m not on that fan wagon, sorry.

But for those of you that do, you can use SiteSucker.

The next thing we have to do is find a site that we want to copy.

Preferably find a landing page or squeeze page that you see another affiliate marketer already using.

Now, in this case, I searched for Red Tea Detox in Google, which is an offer located on Clickbank.

After that I clicked the first link that pops up and it’s this site called, with an article for Red Tea Detox.

If you click the link above to the page, you can see there is a button on this page that says ‘Get It Now’. This button will redirect you to their affiliate link and once you make a purchase, the affiliate will make some amount of money.

I don’t know how much, maybe $10, maybe $20, maybe $30. Somewhere in that range by clicking this button and filling out the affiliate form that is on this page.

Now, what I want to do is this, I want to copy this site.

Because I want to advertise this site myself and use this to promote the same product but using my own affiliate link.

Next, I want to copy the URL and head over to my website copier, whichever one you are using is fine.

Once I’m in the software, I want to click next and give it a project name. In this case I name it whatsadetox, referring to the website we are copying, after that click next again.

Now, here’s where I put in my web address.

The action is already set which says download website and I’m just going to click Next.

And there we go, it start downloading the website.

This may take a minute. So, once it’s finished downloading our site, we should be able to get it and it will have saved to whatever folder that we had set in the beginning.

It automatically sets up my web sites folder and you will go there and just click finish right there.

So, that’s how you mirror a site.

Then what you would do is you’d have to drag and drop those files over on your own website and change out the affiliate link that appears in here.

Now, the way I did that was, I simply said copy link address.

I’d actually look at the link address. I’d paste it into a file. I’d paste whatever affiliate link that the other affiliate was using into a file and I would go into programming.

I’d click control F and I would simply replace this link with my own link.

Now, that wasn’t necessarily complicated? Didn’t always work. But the point being that I try to make things as simple as possible.

When you don’t have money, you don’t have money. So, using the free method is a way to deal with not having money but still being able to put up affiliate marketing landing pages that are effective.

Because you’re using stuff that people are already using. Okay, so let’s be honest here. That sounds a bit complicated. And it is.

Back in 2012 when I started affiliate marketing, they didn’t have tools like they do now.

You weren’t able to create a website without any programming.

Without finding links and actually going into the files and changing stuff around.

I wish they had the tools they have today and the paid method solves all of those problems.

Ofcourse nowadays you also have free tools which can accomplish almost the same results as the paid method I’m about to show you.

If you want to learn more about some top free landing page builders, check out this article.

How To Create a Landing Page with Clickfunnels

The paid method makes it so accessible for anybody to create an internet business. It’s unbelievable.

The paid method uses a program that I’m a huge fan of called Clickfunnels.

I’ve been using Clickfunnels for the last 2-3 years and I’ve been a massive fan ever since it was released and it makes internet marketing way easier because you don’t have to do any programming whatsoever.

So, let’s check it out right here.

Clickfunnels is very easy to get started with once you sign up. It’s organized in a way that you can see all of your funnels and you can easily create one yourself using the drag and drop builder which is fairly straightforward once you get familiar with it.

Another big plus in my opinion for using Clickfunnels is that you can share and use funnels from other people!

So, what I’m going to give you today is actually a funnel you can copy directly from me if you want to get started in affiliate marketing.

So you don’t even have to write anything yourself.

You can download my free funnel for you right here.

This is a pre sell page for an affiliate program called Ted’s Woodworking which is on Clickbank.

It’s pretty popular and converting very well.

So as you can see, in this funnel we are using a lead magnet. Which is like a little bribe we are using for people to enter in their email addresses, so we can add them to our list and market to them even if they don’t buy the offer immediately.

In this case we are giving away 440 free woodworking plans in exchange for an email address. Don’t worry, you won’t have to buy these free plans anywhere, they are actually given on the affiliate resource page which you can access on Clickbank.

So what you want to do is head over there, if you don’t have a Clickbank account already, make sure you do that first. It’s totally free and available for anyone in the world.

So head over to Clickbank and go to the marketplace and search for “Ted’s Woodworking”.

Once here you get head over to the affiliate resource page, which is the link in the description of the offer.

Here you will see different resources which you can use to promote this particular product.

Browse around this page till you find the link that says “440 free woodworking plan”, copy that link and put your own affiliate id in.

WARNING! If you don’t take the steps previously stated and start running traffic to this offer, all of the clicks you get will still go to my affiliate id, so make sure you change the link accordingly.

If you are following along with this same example and using my landing page, you want to head over to Clickfunnels and edit the page I just gave you.

Once here you will see a menu on top where it says “Settings”, drop down this menu and head over to general.

This will bring a side menu where the general settings are.

The first box will say “On submit go to”, in this box you want to put in the link you got from the affiliate resource page before and hit enter.

Now the first step is set up.

Once a visitor enters in their email address they will be redirected to the page where they can download these free plans and below the download button they will have the chance to buy the full Ted’s Woodworking Plans aswell.

If they do, you will receive a commission!

To be honest most people won’t buy immediately from this page and will just collect their free plans and exit the page.

So how do we get these people to actually purchase our offer.

The answer is email marketing.

Email marketing is perhaps the most profitable kind of marketing these days and is very effective and not that hard to do.

So once you have send some traffic to this page, normally you will have some people who have entered their email addresses.

Because you are not using an external autoresponder, you can just check your contacts on Clickfunnels.

Here you will find all the email addresses which you collected and you can now use them to follow up with them one by one using the emails templates provided on the affiliate resource page mentioned above.

In these emails you will put in your direct affiliate link, so once someone clicks it and purchases the offer, you get your commission!

This is a very easy way to do email marketing but it’s not that scalable for the big number, the solution for this would be to use an autoresponder.

But I won’t go in to much detail in this article right now.

If you are interesting in setting up your autoresponder and connecting it to Clickfunnels, make sure to check out this article.

Now, that’s that. That’s the free method and the paid method.

Now Clickfunnels has a free trial for 14 days. I recommend you take it up and just see how easy it is.

Feel free to try the free method yourself, it is a bit complicated, but it works and does the job. I don’t do it tough, I use Clickfunnels.

But Clickfunnels is $97 a month and that may be a bit pricey for anyone just getting started.

So use the funnel which I have provided for you above and make your $97 back each and every month in no time.

Now, if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing and take it seriously or if… You know, especially if you want to advertise on Google, Facebook or YouTube, you’re going to need to have a pre-sale page.

This is a great example, this has been a tested one and as I said before I’m going to give you this funnel.

You can download my free funnel for you right here.

If you want to take advantage of the 14-day free trial of click funnels, you can do that right here.

So that’s it for today, I hope you learned how to create a landing page for free and also use the paid method.

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