Honest Clickbank University Review – Is It Worth It? 2020

Welcome to my Clickbank University review!

In this review I will be going over the specifics surrounding Clickbank University and I will try to answer any of the questions you may have.


clickbank university review

Product Name: Clickbank University

Product Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan

Advertised Price: $47 per month

Upsells: $594

Rating: 75/100

What is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is a web-based training platform that is designed to assist you with figuring out how to make and sell your own advanced products.

They likewise show you how to market Clickbank products through affiliate marketing.

The program was made dependent on 17 years of research and experience from Clickbank, the universes leading platform on the web marketplace for advanced products.

It’s a progression of training videos separated into about two months, guiding you in making your own educational products that you can promote on Clickbank to other affiliate marketers. The training also goes in depth on how to be an affiliate marketer yourself.

CBU is really an invite much-needed refresher in the training field as there are not very numerous courses out there that show you how to make your own affiliate products.

To the extent affiliate marketing training goes, I accept this program could improve. Web optimization abilities are indispensable so as to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Not simply ordinary duplicate glue SEO. You need profoundly progressed SEO abilities so that you can distil complex thoughts into straightforward ideas.

If you don’t have an idea what Clickbank is, it’s basically an affiliate marketing platform where you can discover and promote different digital or physical products for which you can earn affiliate commissions.

ClickBank University‘s (CBU) is made by Justin Atlan, and Adam Horwitz chose to step up their training program to address the numerous progressions in online business.

The Brains Behind Clickbank University 2.0?

Here is a little information on the creators of the greater part of the training right now. They are both very involved with their regarded fields and have exceptionally successful online businesses.

Justin Atlan

Justin Atlan, for the most part, aptitude in helping his customers with execution streamlining, creating adaptation and marketing technique, and so forth.

He used to give consultation to customers under SJA Media Partners and is a veteran internet marketing master in the industry.

With everything taken into account, he is knowledgeable about helping other people bring in money online and has a respectable name in the industry.

Adam Horwitz

Adam Horwitz began as a youthful business visionary that has experienced almost 30 endeavours before prevailing to get a 6-figures business through his site, Mobile Monopoly.

Adam, at that point, proceeded to make a vocation showing individuals how they can bring in money from the web. Adam’s success has been referenced on a few notable media platforms, for example, Business Insider, CNN, and so forth.

What is ClickBank?

It’s the 87th biggest online retailer in the US, with the central station in Boise, Idaho. ClickBank banded together with established businesses to make, distribute and sell more than 6 million exceptional products.

ClickBank has the force and assets to arrive at 200 million clients around the globe in 2020 with their simple to explore the platform.

The organization plans to furnish business visionaries with the tools and assets they have to develop their business and effect such a significant number of more clients contrasted with marketing all alone. As indicated by the organization’s authentic site, ClickBank has 1.5+ million affiliate marketers starting in July 2020. around 100+K are designated ‘dynamic’ at some random time.

ClickBank sells 800+ products on their site running in 23 niches from training to wine and much much more. This platform has stamped over 1,000+ tycoons after they cooperated with the online marketplace to sell their products.

Over US$3 billion has been executed by means of ClickBank through 15 years of online business.

For a $49.95 one-time initiation expense, you also can be a merchant in the ClickBank system and sell whatever products you have. Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion


As mentioned above, there are two fundamental modules of training committed to affiliate marketers and sellers separately.

Both of these modules are separated into week by week training which fundamentally helps in making the entire learning process a lot simpler.

This week by week, training is organized in the sequential request, so it’s ideal on the off chance that you experience them in like manner for the best outcome.

In any case, you should simply follow the pre-plan calendar and take action on the things you learned, and you ought to do fine. It’s not overpowering by any means.

How Much Is Clickbank University

As referenced already, different courses with comparative substance ordinarily sell for more than a great many dollars. I am astonished why the Clickbank organizers are charging such a low price for it.

In the wake of diving into their business model, it’s clear that they get significantly MORE cash-flow in the event that you are successful independent on the off chance that you decide to be a seller or affiliate or both.

The truth is that the long haul success of Clickbank depends on its merchants and affiliates.

Certainly, you need to pay each month, not at all like those excellent courses where it’s ordinarily a one-time off payment.

In any case you get true value for your money, with a montly payment of $47. Your also able to quit whenever you want so learn, apply, scale and quit.

The Downsides To Clickbank University 2.0

The objective goal of this Clickbank University review is to assist you with choosing if Clickbank University is the correct training course for you.

This guide will be plain enough for you and state that this course is for everybody whether you are a newbie or not.

No Training on Free Traffic

The significant trap is that there is no training concerning driving free traffic. All the procedures instructed in the course centres around paid traffic, whether if it’s Instagram Shoutout or Google Ads as a rule.

To be reasonable, you can’t generally drive free traffic any longer, and the procedure is incredibly moderate and incapable.

It may take you months to know whether you are destined for success.

Indeed, even with SEO, it’s not actually free.

There is a lot of costs engaged with pushing higher rankings in Google.

In the event that you are not open to paying for traffic, at that point CBU isn’t for you. All things considered, you don’t generally need to spend a lot to get results.

In addition, in the event that you ace paid traffic well, you can scale ANYTIME in light of the fact that you are paying for traffic.

Free traffic restrains your capacity with regards to scaling.

You Can’t Access All The Content At Once

This is unmistakably a detriment to the member/member, despite the fact that it’s entirely emotional. All things considered, the goal behind is to ensure you don’t lose track of the main issue at hand.

The training is designed such that you ought to learn, comprehend and execute the techniques right away. The originators don’t need you to simply experience the course yet they need you to make a move.

They felt that by discharging the substance bit by bit, gives you adequate time to actualize each week’s errand so you will be on time. So, I trust you can email the support group to have them opened the substance for you. Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Is ClickBank University 2.0 A Scam?

As expressed above, Clickbank University 2.0 isn’t a scam. Indeed, it’s a pretty genuine course made by probably the greatest names in the industry.

Of course, it’s not appropriate for everybody, and I have attempted my best to clarify the pros and cons associated with this program to ideally assist you with checking whether this course is for you.

As a rule, this course is equipped towards a person that focuses on quickened success with their internet marketing business. If you need to gain ground inside a month or two, at that point the framework educated right now assist you with accomplishing that.

By quickened success, I don’t mean getting rich medium-term. This is unquestionably not some scammy MMO openings which guarantee that you should simply press a catch and make $5000 per day.

Pros and Cons of Clickbank University

The Good

  • Lessons are extraordinary for beginners, anybody new to making their first instructive product.
  • high-quality videos to be completely forthright, straightforward
  • They have their own site manufacturers where the facilitating is free, and you can assemble affiliate destinations utilizing the Clickbank platform (you despite everything need to purchase the domain name) Similar to Weebly developer yet has accomplished for your point of arrival formats that can spare you huge amounts of time attempting to design your own.
  • Great Community and Webinars are availablke to anyone who needs assistance

The Bad

  • A bit baffled by the absence of cutting edge affiliate marketing training.
  • A decent gathering where individuals are offering help for one another yet it doesn’t feel as friendly as other private Facebook groups that I’m in including the one for our lead age program
  • You can experience weeks 1-3 quickly yet to open further training, and you need to present a ticket which is a bit irritating. I feel like a few of us that are progressively versed in internet marketing, can easily get through the training a lot quicker.
  • I tuned in many of their online classes and didn’t find a lot of new data by any stretch of the imagination, in certainty quite a bit of it was centred around basically signing individuals up on Clickbank or elevating the University to others for a commission, it felt somewhat sloppy.
  • Just finding out about how to make information products and how to set up greeting pages doesn’t ensure success as plainly observed by such a large number of products on Clickbank that scarcely gets any sales. The program doesn’t work all to well on diving further into why a few products succeed and why some come up short.

Conclusion of this Clickbank University review

The greatest test for the business model educated inside Clickbank University which is to make your own affiliate product, is that you need to initially make an amazing product that will get sales, get positive reviews and make different affiliates want to promote your product.

You additionally need to make 1 product as well as other top-notch products that you can advance as upsells. This is A LOT for most beginners to successfully ace in one go.

Best makers of Clickbank products have a huge amount of internet marketing experience.

One of Clickbank’s most mainstream educational product is a woodworking course and a battery energizing hack course. Who might have believed that these sort of information products would get successful?

While there are other in-depth products about making your own Bonzi tree or gecko pet consideration guide that more likely than not required a great deal of exertion to make yet it is barely getting any sales.

Clickbank University doesn’t have any definite equation for making a successful product. Regardless of whether you do, a lot of your success has to do with having the option to make amazing advertisement duplicate on your greeting pages and a magnificent video sales letter (VSL).

So this reveals to me simply figuring out how to make VSL or greeting pages isn’t sufficient to ensure success, you truly found a workable pace brain research and be a first-class publicist or being eager to spend a considerable amount of money on an elevated level marketing specialist. Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Final Word

If it was fascinating to figure out how effectively you can begin selling your own information product on Clickbank, this University program alone needs more in depth marketing training to ensure your success.

Eventually what isolates the quality goods from the debris is internet marketing…

Throughout everyday life, you get paid what you merit. Your salary is an immediate impression of exactly how much worth you’re ready to bring to the marketplace.

This is the reason, Clickbank University, albeit quite moderate and gives you a portion of the essential training, isn’t the way to getting huge success on the grounds that the understudies are as yet not outfitted with aptitudes significant level enough that can direction extraordinary pay from their endeavours.

So that’s about it for this Clickbank University Review, if you have some experience doing digital marketing and advertising I would advice you to give this a shot. All you need a is a great idea and execution, which Clickbank University teaches you how to do. And further on nail you marketing side of the online business and you can find some great succes.

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