Top 3 Free Landing Page Builders – 2020

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In this article we will go over the top 3 free landing page builders in 2020.

I have been doing online business for a while now and I know that in the beginning everything seems very complicated and overwhelming.

I have spent so much time trying to find some resources that I could use because in the beginning you know that you cannot spend a lot of money, so you got to find all the free resources you can get and utilize.

free landing page builder

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page with a single focused call to action either a sign up form or a button.

Contests and coupons are also great types of landing pages. Visitors of these pages generally arrive there after clicking on Google, a Facebook ad or a link in a Google search results page.

One of the most important aspects of a landing page is that it has no top bar navigation links meant to limit the options available to your visitors and helping them guide them towards the intended call to action.

Contests are great way to get new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, traffic to your website and leads by incentivizing them with a prize.

There are many different types of contests from the most basic random draw like a Facebook sweepstakes or to a highly involved video contest that has a panel of judges choosing the winner all of which can be easily set up with contest apps like Wishponds.

My biggest piece of contest advice, do not give away an iPad…

You will get a ton of entries but those people will not be interested in your product and they will be interested in only the iPad.

This will make it almost impossible for you to turn those leads into customers because they’re only interested in iPads.

Giving away a product that you sell or store gift card ensures that the entrants are actually interested in you, which makes it easy to convert them into customers.

There are two types of main landing pages for two different goals.

First click through pages, which are meant to sell visitors on a product, service or offer with a value proposition which includes images and information needed to make an informed decision to get them to click a call to action button that directs them to an e-commerce shopping cart, a PayPal payment form or a registration page.

The second kind of landing page are lead generation pages.

These are used to collect information such as name and email address on a sign up form.

This allows you to market to and connect with your potential customers or leads at a subsequent time.

As such a lead generation page will include a form along with a description about what you’re going to get in return for submitting information or opting in an effective lead generation page offers.

People want to get something in exchange for filling out the sign-up form for example an e-book, free webinar, coupon or giveaway, this is what’s known as a lead magnet.

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Landing Page Examples

landingpage examples

Top 3 Free Landing Page Builders

So today I have some free landing page resources for you that you are probably not familiar with.

My main ones are:

These are all great to get started with and learn all the basics of landing page building before you head over and invest into one of the bigger guns.

What is LandingLion?

LandingLion is actually very straightforward.

Basically you just sign up for free and then you will be led to a page where you can create your account.

Once you do that, you will see a page with all the different landing page layouts from which you can choose from.

There are quite a lot and they don’t look too bad at all.

You can also choose to use blank templates as well, so once you pick one you will be able to see a little preview of what your future landing page will look like.

Here you can also choose to edit the page.

Basically you can edit all the different elements of this page you can add sections, rows, columns, forms, a button, images or you can just get rid of a section or whatever element you want, it’s pretty straightforward.

So once you have created your actual landing page, you can basically save this.

It’s actually going to take a little bit of time to get used to the interface but it’s not too bad to be totally honest.

This is a drag and drop page builder and once you are familiar with this actual interface, all the other landing page builders out there will look very similar, which will give you an advantage when switching over to something more serious.

When I was just getting started, I took a lot of time to practice building different landing pages for a lot of offers just for training the skills I would need in the future.

This is something you may want to invest some time in, since it will be of great use for you in the coming future of being an online entrepreneur.

So once you save it they let you choose your extension here, once you save it this is the landing page you’re going to see basically.

One thing you will have to take into account using LandingLion’s free version is the LandingLion icon they will add to your landing page, this isn’t too much of a problem when you are just starting out, but you may want to upgrade to a paid version.

One thing you may want to do when sharing your actual landing page for any of these example builders, is using a url shortener to actually hide the fast that you aren’t using your own custom domain.

You can do this by going to and pasting in the link of your landing page. This will give you a much shorter and cleaner looking url which you can use to drive traffic to from whichever traffic source you may want to use.

Also using the free version, you are only able to create a limited amount of landing pages.

LandingLion is actually a great solution for when you are just starting out and maybe wanted to hone in on your landing page building skills.

If you don’t mind the logo appearing on your landing page this will be a great solution for anyone who is just starting out and I recommend using this and getting familiar with it, since it is free to use and will remain free for the coming future.

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What is IMCreator?

So our next landing page builder is called IMCreator.

This one also has a free version and a paid version.

Here are the features and pricing laid out.

free landing page builder

You don’t need to choose the paid version, you can actually do a lot with the free version when you are just getting started.

So you can just enter the site and click on start building your site.

After that you will have to register and create a free account and then you will be led to a site like this.

If you want to create a new site you just click on this and then you just click on create new site and you will see all the different landing page themes that you can choose from and their theme design is not bad actually, they’re pretty clean, modern and I actually really like them.

After you pick the template you like to use you can then ofcourse preview and edit it aswell.

As you can see the interface looks very similar to the previous one we have seen, you can also modify your new landing page as you see fit.

Just click on the different elements and sections to delete or add anything in.

Again this interface is going to take a little bit of time to get used to but it’s not too bad to work with in my opinion.

You cannot use your own domain, again as usual but you can use theirs and create your own name.

Again I urge you to use to shorten your url and hide the fact that you are not using your own domain, otherwise you will get lower conversion rates.

IMCreator is also a good free option for you to use when you are just getting started, when I tried this one out, it doesn’t have a watermark on the page, which is very nice.

It got a lot of free templates for you to use and has a very similar interface to all the other page builders, you can get started with the free plan and if you like what you are getting, you can always upgrade to the paid version, which will give you some more features.

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What is UCraft?

Next up is

Again this one they has a free version!

If you click on their info, you can see their pricing here.

I really like this one because it will allow you to connect different custom domains totally free of charge, something the other landing page builders won’t allow you.

So to get started, you navigate to free website and get started.

You will again have to register for a free account to start using their service.

After that you will get access to the templates page.

Here you have the ability to choose from a large variety of templates, again as with the previous examples stated in this article, it looks very similar.

Again you can choose to preview the template you have chosen and start customizing it to you needs with another drag and drop interface.

As you can see, basically all of the landing page builders have a drag and drop interface. So once you get to know one of them, it will be fairly simple to get familiar with any other you may want to give a shot in the future.

So learning the initial service you try out is key to you future success in building beautiful landing pages.

You can also you these builders to create full blown websites, connecting each landing page to each other.

Again the one thing which is not that good with this free version is the watermark which will remain visible on the landing pages you create, if you are just starting out this won’t be a large issue but once you get a bit more serious you may want to upgrade to the paid version, which is only $10 a month, or you can head over to a more serious tool but these have a much higher price tag on them.

Check out some of the more serious landing page builders here.

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I have one more extra free option for you which is Wix.

I’m sure you all know about Wix, so you basically sign up and then they have really, really good templates that you can pick from.

Again this tool can be used for free, if you want to connect your own domain you will have to pay, but if you don’t mind using their domain with your name and just using to shorten it.

This could be your option too, honestly I like their templates a lot. If you want you could give this a shot aswell but it’s not my first choice.

My first choice would be UCraft, it’s my number one pick because not only do you get to make a unlimited number of sites, you can also connect a unlimited number of custom domains!

I haven’t seen anything else that offers connecting custom domains like this for free, so that’s the first reason I like it.

Second one, is that they have an exceptional customer service.

I have tested this, I tried their 24-hour online chat.

I emailed them with some questions and they just responded right away so whenever you’re making your landing pages or your website and you have any questions, you can just connect their online chat 24 hours and they will answer all of your query’s.

So I think this is great and their landing page templates are actually pretty good they have a lot of options for you to choose from and what more can you ask from a free landing page provider really?

This is the reason and the most important reason is that it will be free forever and you can connect unlimited number of custom domains.

One drawback though, as I’ve talked about earlier, you will see their branding, but if you want to get rid of that you can actually upgrade for a reasonable monthly fee.

If you take a look, they have this pro website service and it’s only $10 a month when you pay annually, but you get all these features you still get everything that you get from your free service along with a lot more so I think this is worth it.

UCraft also provides a 14-day free trial as well, so you can try it and see if you like it.

You can check out UCraft right here.

Bear in mind, this is my affiliate link. So I will receive a small payment once you upgrade to the paid version and it would be deeply appreciated if you do so, it won’t cost you anything more.

So that’s it for this article, I hope you got some value out of it and I urge you to try all of these free landing page builders.

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