Big Ticket Commissions Review – Make $1,000 Commission Easy – Massive Bonus Package!

Welcome to my Big Ticket Commissions Review.

In this review I will show you what Big Ticket Commissions is, what it can do for you, the inside of the software and talk a bit more about the upsells and whether they could be worth picking up.

big ticket commissions review

Overview of Big Ticket Commissions


Glynn Kosky

Big Ticket Commissions

Launch Date:

7th May 2020

Launch Time:

9am EST

Front-End Price:

$17 (Early Bird)
$37 (After Launch Period, 7 days)


Very Highly Recommended





Affiliate Marketing

What is Big Ticket Commissions?

To put it in short terms Big Ticket Commissions is your ALL-IN-ONE Solution for daily effortless 3 Figure Commissions!

That’s a big claim right, but they got some amazing proof from Beta testers showing Big Ticket Commissions actually delivers!

It’s a Cloud-based software plus proven system and it includes everything to bank big, selling other people’s high ticket products.

This software is very simple, the idea is to build your email list & generate high ticket commissions by giving away a “Free Gift” to entice people to attend and watch an automated webinar.

This webinar has been designed by highly professional marketers to get people to hit that buy button.

So that means all you have to do is send traffic to the pages that are being provided within Big Ticket Commissions and start making some big money.

The best thing is, with Big Ticket Commissions you don’t even have to worry about sending the traffic yourself!

The software takes care of all your traffic needs, so it really is a full package deal.

Another big plus is that it is very easy to scale.

You can start with one of the premium done for you offers that are included, then add other high-ticket offers when you’re ready and get the opportunity to make even more money!

I can stop myself saying this but you could actually scale this business model to the moon and beyond with what you’re getting inside of Big Ticket Commissions.

Big Ticket Commissions changes the game so you can finally win!

This system uses something called ‘straight-line marketing’.

 It builds your list while making you commissions … without even sending an email!

Of course you can email your constantly-growing list as often as you like …

It’s just not essential for making same-day profits from new leads.

Which is pretty amazing right?

Then, the software builds you two pages that combine for sky-high conversions:

Your DFY lead generation page offers both a free giveaway AND a free training session – which appeals to a much wider audience so you can 2X your leads

Your DFY sales page features a free training webinar – so visitors get what they want…

Then it goes into a pitch for the premium offer and subscribers only get their free product details after they’ve seen the pitch for the offer

Everything happens automatically. 

Without lifting a finger …

New subscribers are added to your list & taken straight to the DFY sales page.

So to sum things up, this cutting-edge system gives you:

– More leads and a constantly growing list – without any product creation

– Higher quality subscribers – you add a huge percentage of high-ticket buyers to your list – for even more long term profits

– Instant commissions – no more waiting for results, because now you can get paid as you build your list!

How Does Big Ticket Commissions Work?

When you log in to the members area, once you pick up the software.

You will be greeted by a warm welcome showing you around the platform.

I’m instantly greeted by a warm user experience because the members area looks really nice in my opinion.

You will also get some free training inside of the member’s area, to show you exactly how you can use the software to make the most amounts of profits possible.

Once inside the first thing you want to do is checkout this training ofcourse.

But to make things clear, I will go over the different steps you must take to get your first campaign up and running in no time!

Step #1

Once inside, on the lefthand side you will see the menu.

Here you want to scroll down to the bottom and click the menu that says affiliate info.

In this tab you will be able to check out the different high ticket product you can promote and get your affiliate link, which will need ofcourse to proceed with the next couple of steps.

Also on this tab you will get the opportunity to check out the different product’s sales pages and jv pages to get the info you need to assist you in promoting these offers.

After you have picked the product you want to promote, you can proceed to the next step.

Step #2

So now what you want to do is scroll back up in the menu on the lefthand side and click done for you funnels.

Once here, you will see the different products you saw below inside of the affiliate info tab.

Here you can see everything is done for you, all the products have an optinpage, webinarpage and download page already made for you.

If you want to check these out, all you have to do is click them and select ‘preview’.

Next thing you want to do on this page is click the ‘edit’ button on right of the product you have chosen before.

So once you have clicked on ‘edit’, you will see everything that’s inside of these pages, you have the ability to change whatever you want to your own taste, but as these are done for you and proven to convert, there is no need to actually change them.

Instead what you want to is head over to the tab ‘settings’.

In the settings the first option you’ll see is the webinar page settings, affiliate link.

Right here you want to paste in your affiliate link ofcourse.

Once you have done this, you want to scroll a bit down to the autoresponder section.

In this section you want to connect your autoresponder.

You can do this in two ways.

The first is by just pasting in the raw html code of you form.

The second way is to connect your autoresponder via API.

If you want to use the second option, you will first have to head over to the menu bar on the left again and hit the autoresponder tab.

In here you will get the ability to connect your autoresponder via API.

If you have done this you can just proceed again on the settings page of the done for you funnel.

So now that you have taken care of the left side of the settings page of the done for you funnels, you can scroll back up again and continue with the right side, where it says ‘ download page settings’.

In here you get a dropdown menu to select which product you want to offer as your lead magnet, which is very easy and you have a big variety of different high quality offers to give to people.

Once you have done all this you can just scroll down and hit ‘save’ and proceed to the next step.

Step #4

Now you have been redirected again to the done for you funnels.

Right now you want to copy the link of the webinar page.

After you have done that you want to hit the ‘edit’ button again and go back to settings.

Once inside of the settings again, scroll a bit down to below where you put in your autoresponder you will see an option to put in a link to a webinar.

Paste you webinar link in here and proceed to step 4

Step #4

So that wasn’t so bad right?

It’s actually the most you will ever have to do inside of Big Ticket Commissions.

Once you have done all this, all that’s left to do is hit that big blue Traffic button and start sharing on a huge plethora of different social media websites to get insane amounts of traffic to your pages.


Big Ticket Commissions has in total 7 amazing upsells, which will absolutely blow you away with how low they’re actually charging for.

But I’m sure you want to know what exactly these upsells are before you start thinking of purchasing them.

That’s why I want to offer you some details about each one of them, so you make an informed decision on whether or not they may be worth it for you.

Upsell #1: Unlimited Version ($67 – DS $37)

Upsell number 1 is in my opinion the best choice you will ever make if you decide to pick up the front end.

Because as you will notice once you start making big money for Big Ticket Commissions, you will want to scale up ofcourse to make even more money.

Unfortunately there is a limit to the amount of pages you can create and that’s just too bad if you want to scale up ofcourse.

That’s why Glynn has decided to offer you a ONE TIME chance to get the ability to not only create 100 pages, but UNLIMITED amounts of pages.

You can create as many as you possibly could dream of!

Making this the best decision you’ll ever make because it will give you the potential to scale your earnings to infinity.

Upsell #2: 100% Done For You ($97 – DS $67)

This upsell speaks for itself.

This will allow you to make money without ever lifting a finger.

Everything will be set up for you, no work for you wahtsoever.

If there ever was a way to make money super fast, well this one stomps them all.

Take caution tho, this upsell will only be available to the first 20 people who decide to purchase it, so you may want to act fast.

Upsell #3: Unlimited Traffic ($147 – DS $47)

As you know, traffic is the lifeline of any online business, especially affiliate marketing.

So getting traffic to your new high ticket product money pages will be essential.

In unlimited traffic you will get the opportunity to put your facebook pixel on the sales pages of all of Glynn’s products!

This will allow you to siphon his visitors and retarget them with whatever offer you choose.

Inside of the unlimited traffic you will also get advanced traffic training to teach you how you can become more efficient with sending traffic to these high ticket offers, which will results in even bigger commissions.

This one is an absolute no brainer if you ask, especially with this huge downsell of $100 discount, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you pass on this one.

Upsell #4: 30K in 30 Days Version ($147 – DS $47)

Another huge downsell in upsell 4, the 30K in 30 days version.

In this upsell, Glynn wil teach you how you can make 30k in 30 days alongside a case study, where he has made this kind of money trough a product launch.

If that’s something your interested in, now is your chance, as this one is also offering you a $100 discount!

Upsell #5: Super Affiliate Version ($97 – DS $37)

The super affilaite version will allow you to use Big Ticket Commissions as your goto page builder.

Instead of paying big bucks to Clickfunnels, you could just use the amazing software you’re already using and create custom pages for any offer or purpose you want.

If you compare the price of the downsell to the price of Clickfunnels, you must be amazed.

Clickfunnels charges you $97 a month, while with this upsell you would only have to pay $37 if you take the downsell and you’re good to go.

Another one to really think about.

Upsell #6: License Rights ($147 – DS $67)

This one speaks for itself, if you decide to pick up this upsell, you will get the official license rights to sell Big Ticket Commissions as if it was your own product and funnel.

This means you can just send traffic to the sales page and make 100% commissions troughout the whole funnel!

That’s just amazing!

Upsell #7: Auto Profit Boost ($47 – DS $37)

The auto profit boost upsell, will allow you to use advanced facebook tools to put your pixel on all of the pages that Big Ticket Commissions has created for you, while also inserting a section of comments on your pages and the ability to chat with visitors.

This all has been proven to get your conversion rate to skyrocket!

Also another one to really consider if you’re serious about making money with Big Ticket Commissions and scaling things up.

So the bonus package for Big Ticket Commission is absolutely huge.

Once you pick up just the front end product for only $17, you will not only receive an awesome bonus package from the vendor himself but also my mega bonus package that’s worth $4,997!

This is just enormous and will make sure you have no trouble in the future making money online whatsoever.

So let me tell you something more about the vendor bonuses first.

Vendor Bonuses

Keep in mind the following bonuses are only available for people who act fast and purchase Big Ticket Commissions early on.

After the initial couple of days of the launch these bonuses will expire and you will only receive my own bonus package on top of another bonus package that the vendor has given to me to give to my subscribers.

Bonus 1: Unlimted Traffic

Glynn is Giving You FREE ACCESS to His Premium Traffic Software Which Will Help You Get Hordes of Traffic At Zero Cost!
In Addition, You’ll Also Get Access To Glynn’s Unlimited Free Traffic System – Various Traffic Sources Glynn Uses Day In-Day Out To Generate Even MORE Traffic!
Bonus 2:  Guaranteed Approvals
Guaranteed Approval to His Highest Converting Offers!
One of the biggest challenges is getting approval as an affiliate to promote offers online.  Until you get a proven track record as an affiliate, most vendors will not approve you to promote their offers.   
With this bonus, Glynn is going to solve that problem for you. Get approval automatically to his 5 best converting offers.
Bonus 3: Exclusive Webinar
Join the customers only webinar where Glynn reveals his secret 3 step formula that has enabled him to generate multiple six figures online per month with the help of social media, free traffic & Big Ticket Commissions.
This is a complete game changer and you need be on this live call.
So on top of these exclusive bonuses for early adopters you will also receive the bonus package Glynn has offerered me to give to my subscribers, this is the full list:

Access to 17 Warrior+ Best Selling information products but together by Glynn & his team.  Each product details a variety of traffic generation methods.


$300 CPA Everyday

$500 CPA Everyday

CPA Coffee Shop Method

$200 Cash Hack

$2K CPA Traffic Jacker

$250 Cash Magnet

The Commission Glitch

Six Figure Influx

Million Dollar Toolbox

Overnight Commissions

Commission Toolbox

Pure Profit Payday

$100 CPA Daily

Commission Profit Hack

Instant Traffic Jacker

The Commission Magnet 

The Commission Blueprint

You will also receive my mega bonus package consisting of 51 products worth $4,997 real life value that are proven to make you money no matter your experience, niche or whatever!

Here is the complete list of everything in my mega bonus package you’re about to get your hands on, retail prized at almost $5,000:

  1. Push Button Traffic 3.0  
  2. Traffic Robot 2
  3. Magic Rank Tracker
  4. eBook Jackpot
  5. Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0  
  6. Video Crusher  
  7. Traffic Robot  
  8. Viral Commission Machine  
  9. ITraffic X  
  10. Commission App
  11. Viral Studio
  12. ClickBank Secrets
  13. Affiliate Cash Monster
  14. Video Profit Machines
  15. YouTube RankAnalyzer
  16. List Building Profit Kit
  17. 8 Super-Softwares
  18. Buyer’s List Blueprint
  19. 3 Steps To Build A 100k-1M/year Business Online!
  20. WP Viral
  21. Instant Traffic For Cents
  22. Piggyback Cash System
  23. 24hr Income System
  24. 25 Fast Traffic Methods
  25. SocialBoost
  26. Buyer Funnel
  27. Zoo Funnel Mastery
  28. Super Fast Traffic System
  29. Evergreen commission machine + DFY + 10 x your result with it also
  30. Instagram Secrets
  31. WP Ebook Maker
  32. Commission Fire
  33. Build Your Tribe
  34. Aff Marketing Profit
  35. Super Quick Traffic
  36. 3500 Instagram FB Inspirational Images
  37. Secret traffic goldmine
  38. 100’s Background Music Tracks
  39. 170+ High Quality Stock Images Bundle
  40. 16 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080
  41. YouTube Easy Video Course  
  42. Niche and keyword research  
  43. Facebook live authority  
  44. High Ticket Authority  
  45. 100 Bucks a Day Video Series
  46. Sales Bot  
  47. Affiliate List Pro  
  48. Push-Click-Commissions 
  49. How to make $2k a day video training
  50. Rapid Google Account Creator
  51. Prestige
  52. 20 WordPress plugins
  53. 70 sales letter templates
  54. The IM Toolkit
  55. Huge Software Package (Worth 997)
  56. Rapid Income Email Software
  57. WP Squeeze Question
  58. Rapid Income Fast Funnels
  59. 3 Step Machines
  60. Traffic Siphon
  61. 10 Mega Plugins
  62. 7 New Plugins
Total value $4,997.
And yes I know, that’s 63 products, not 51. That’s because some of them are smaller products, so consider the additional ones you get extra bonuses:).
This amazing bonus package will make sure you never again have to wonder how you can make some money online.
Inside of this bonus pack you will find everything you need to make sure there is absolutely no chance you fail ever again!