Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review 2020 – Make $500 a Sale With Only 60 Seconds of Work!


Amazon is taking over the world and has started it’s great path of becoming a monopoly.’

Ever heard someone saying this before?

Well lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people mention this…

Because of the current crisis were in, Amazon is starting to take over the world, it’s expanding it’s already huge operation into the unknown boundaries and has become one of the biggest corporations the world has ever seen.

This phenomenon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we might better get used to it.

But what does it means for small entrepreneurs?

They can’t possibly compete with the giant that is Amazon…

Ever heard the saying: 

“If you can’t beat them, try and work with them.”

Well that’s exactly why Artoon Gallery Cash Machine was created.

This amazing cloud-based software has been developed to give you the opportunity to get your own high ticket product up and running on Amazon itself in as little as 60 seconds of work!

Sounds to good to be true?

I taught so to before I tested it, but I urge you to read on…

This may very well be the first step to the success of your life you’ve been searching for all this time!

artoon gallery cash empirereview

Overview of Artoon Gallery Cash Empire


Jimmy Chappel

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire

Launch Date:

1st May 2020

Launch Time:

10am EST

Front-End Price:

$297 (4 Day Launching Period)
$497 (After Launching Period)


Very Highly Recommended






To keep it very short, Artoon Gallery Cash Empire is the tool you have been waiting for…

This cloud-based software will let you convert any image or photo into a high quality, state of the art canvas and sell it directly on Amazon trough Amazon FBA.

These aren’t some randon print on demand canvases you see advertised on Facebook and Instagram.

No these are of the highest quality and will sell as high ticket furniture on Amazon itself.

This process literaly takes only 60 seconds of work with the ease of use of this software.

Best thing is, each sale will make you a whopping $500!

And because these are high ticket furniture products, they will attract a lot of Amazon Affiliates.

Which means once these affiliates start taking notice of these canvases and start promoting them, the potential of your profits are absolutely limitless!

Artoon Gallery Cash Machine has created an absolute WIN-WIN-WIN situation, where Artoon Gallery, the creator of these canvases makes profit, you make a profit of $500 a sale and the affiliate make a profit of $100-$200 a sale.

Artoon Gallery will take care of everything, they will create the canvases, send them to the customers and keep up with customer support.

All you have to do is choose your image, upload it to the cloud-based software, choose a name and discription and within 24 hours your canvas will be available on Amazon’s webshop, ready to make you the big money!

If that isn’t the most amazing thing you heard about in while, well then you’ve got to show me what’s keeping you intrigued because I’m absolutely blown away by this software.

This is the first of it’s kind and is guaranteed to make you a lot of profit for years to come without any hard work whatsoever.

If that’s something you’re interested in, I suggest you don’t think about it for too long as the price will rise fast after the initial launching period of 4 days.

artoon gallery cash empire review

About The Creator of Artoon Gallery Cash Empire

jimmy chappel artoon gallery cash empire

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire has been developed by Jimmy Chappel.

Jimmy has been responsible for an immense amount of bestselling products on Clickbank, there are 400 products on Clickbank that has been created by Jimmy himself, so that’s like way too much to be trying to put them all in this review.

It’s fair to say Jimmy always delivers greats amounts of value and is an absolute expert when it comes to internet marketing.

But his newest addition to his huge list of products, Artoon Gallery Cash Empire, might be the biggest one of them all.

Who is Artoon Gallery Cash Empire for?

This question can be answered with a very small answer…

It’s simple.

Artoon Gallery Cash Empire is for anyone!

Anyone who has ever taught about making money online, gone are the times when making money online was hard work and persistence.

Once you start leveraging the power that Artoon Gallery Cash Empire has to offer, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll be getting in no time.

Using Artoon Gallery Cash Empire is so easy that you’ll start to question everything you have learned about making money online up till this point right now.

The software can easily offer you the financial freedom trough passive income you have always desired, without a doubt.

I understand if this all sounds too good to be true, but bear with me…

Once you start using it and the profits start piling up in your back account, you’ll wonder why you have been so sceptical in the first place.

what is passive income

Your Own Army of Affiliates

The beautiful thing about using Artoon Gallery Cash Empire is that the sales you will eventually start get are becoming more and more organic trough affiliates catching on to your high ticket products.

Let me elaborate…

Recently Amazon has decided to cut it’s already very low commission rates to next to nothing.

As there are a very high amount of Amazon affiliates, these people will now start to notice there profits have gone way way down.

Affiliates who had review sites for years on low ticket products who depended on a lot of volume will now become desperate because they aren’t making a lot of money anymore.

Because of this they will go look for alternative products on Amazon that will give them the highest percentage commission.

That’s where your products come in.

Because this is a high ticket product and is being categorized as furniture (being the highest commission rate), a lot of affiliates will be drawn to your product like a moth to flame.

Now they will start using their experience and knowledge they have learn over the last couple of years and try and promote your high ticket product, which means profit for them if they succeed.

And in turn big profit for you aswell.

This is the secret weapon of Artoon Gallery Cash Empire.

It couldn’t have been created at a better time in history because of the slash in commission rates Amazon recently made.

Do you understand what I’m getting at?

The Amazon Associates program is one of the most popular accross the affiliate marketing space and there are numerous affiliates who are getting very desperate to make the same amount they used to make as they have created a lifestyle that depended on this.

So this is a very great opportunity for you.

It will ofcourse take a while before these affiliates will start to take notice of your high ticket product and that’s why I have a tip for you to have them take notice a bit faster then they would organically.

Tip: Reach out to the community

The Amazon Affiliate community is very big online.

All of these affiliates are constantly on the lookout for new interesting products they can make high commissions on.

If you were to enter one of these communities and enlighten them on the value of your product and the amount of money they’ll be able to make if they can promote it succesfully.

Man, you’ll build your affiliate army in no time, selling your high ticket product for you.

Imagine getting 10 affiliates to take action and actually promote it.

And let’s say on average they make 2 sales each.

That means you just made $10,000, you know.

That’s just crazy…

And once only a couple of affiliates have gotten success promoting your product, they’ll tell their friends who will in turn start to promote it aswell and they’ll tell their friends and so on, this can snowball very fast…

There are numerous places you could access these different communities, social media being the major one ofcourse.

Here are some examples where you can find these amazon affiliate communities:

  • Reddit
  • Facebook Groups
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

All of these platform are full of affiliates looking for the next best thing.

Put in some effort yourself and make sure that best thing is your high ticket product and in return you’ll make more money then you”ll know what to do with.

artoon gallery cash empire review affiliate army

How Does Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Work?

As I said before using Artoon Gallery Cash Empire is extremely simple and straightforward.

Once you decide to pick up the software for only $297, you’ll immediatly receive your login details and the link to get access to the member’s area.

After that you will be able to login and get started immediately.

The process can be summarized in 3 simple steps.

Step #1

Choose the image you want to put on a high quality canvas.

Step #2

Upload the image you have chosen in the previous step to Artoon Gallery Cash Empire

Keep in mind the minimum size of the image has to be 4800 x 3200 pixels. This can be easily done with PhotoShop.

If you don’t have access to PhotoShop, there are a lot of online alternatives to resize any image you want to use.

To resize you image for free online, click here.

However I want to urge you to take notice of the image you try to resize as it may come out all distorted, if this is the case, you will have to select a more appropriate image to resize.

Getting images shouldn’t be a hassle at all, there are a lot of free stock image websites, where you can get a lot of high quality images, which you can use together with Artoon Gallery Cash Empire.

For free stock image websites, check out some of my suggestions below.

Step #3

Choose a name and discription for your new high quality canvas.

After you have finished these 3 steps, you will also be asked to verify how you came in possesion of this image.

The reason for this is to verify you have the full rights to use this image and no one will come complaining you used there copyrighted image.

After that you’re all done and ready, simpy hit the submit button below the form and Artoon Gallery will take care of everything from here.

Your new high ticket product will be available on amazon within the next 24 hours.

This means it’s possible to get a sale within 2 days of launching your first canvas but that’s highly unlikely ofcourse..

Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity Artoon Gallery Cash Empire offers you, there is no limit to the amount of canvases you can create.

Each extra canvas you create will give you a better chance of making more and more sales.

If you would take it to the extreme and look at this at a full time job where you would be uploading new images for 8 hours straight, a couple of days in a row….

You can imagine the potential here.

Now doing this for 24 hours straight won’t work ofcourse since you’ll have to wait to upload a new image untill your previous one has been uploaded to Amazon, normally this takes around 24 hours, I was just giving an example.

If only one of these start to take of and becomes a bestseller, you’re absolutely golden!

Upsells & OTO's of Artoon Gallery Cash Empire


Artoon Gallery Cash Empire has 2 upsells on top of the basic front end offer that will cost you $297 in the first 4 days of the launching period. 

After these intial 4 days, the price will rise to $497 and will never get lower than that again.

So act fast and save a lot of money.

But keep in mind, if you only make 1 sale trough Artoon Gallery Cash Empire, you already have made your money back becasue each and every sale your images make, you get a guaranteed $500 straight to your paypal account.

I will now give you some more details on the 2 upsells Artoon Gallery Cash Empire has to offer so you can make an informed decision if these are actually worth it for you to pick them up.

Keep in mind none of these are required to experience the full beneftis Artoon Gallery Cash Empire has to offer.

Upsell #1: Gold Upgrade ($97)

In the basic version of Artoon Gallery Cash Empire the canvas will be of a pretty big size so they are very high ticket, most of them selling for around $1,000. 

Which can be a lot of money for a lot of people who are interested in your canvas…

That’s why, in the Gold Upgrade, Jimmy is offering you a chance to be able to create medium sized canvases, which will be sold for a lower price tag.

This will results in more sales for you as it becomes easier for people to actually buy one of these.

The beautiful thing about this is that the price tag for the customer may change but your profit won’t ever change.

Whatever size or image you choose, you will always get $500 for each sale your image makes, isn’t that awesome?

The Gold Upgrade may actually be worth it because imagine getting even 1 sale extra from picking this up, that means you have just made all of your money back you spend on the front end and the upgrade combined.

An absolute no-brainer if you ask me…

Upsell #2: VIP Membership ($147 Monthly)

Upsell number 2 is a monthly subscription to the Artoon Graphics.

So what does this mean?

This means every image you upload to Artoon Gallery Cash Empire will get a enhancement filter on it that was developed by Artoon itself.

This will make any normal and boring image into a stunning canvas and this in turn will defenitely boost your sales.

I haven’t gotten a look at the actual enhancement filter itself, as it is not included inside of my beta access but to be honest I really don’t know if this is worth the price you are paying.

$147 a month is a lot of money for a filter which you could always try developing yourself if you got some basic photo editing skills.

On the other hand again, if this upsell has the ability to greatly improve the amount of sales you’ll get, the VIP Membership will actually pay for itself each month once it has made then one extra sale.

Something to think about ofcourse.


Normally I try to give as much value as possible in each review I do in form of a bonus package, to make sure buyers of the product will have no problem whatsoever succeeding online.

In this case I really have broken my head on what I would be able to offer you guys as bonuses because your already getting this amazing software…

This software will make it so you won’t ever have to use anything else to make money online, that’s why I have found it so hard to put something together.

But ofcourse I have found something that would make your life a lot easier when using Artoon Gallery Cash Empire.

So as a bonus package for picking up Artoon Gallery Cash Empire trough my link, I want to offer you my collection of 3500 Motivational Images which you can use in any way you like.

These are all custom made by myself and I have put a lot of time and effort in making these, but I know once you get started using Artoon Gallery Cash Empire you will need as much free images you can get your hands on.

This bonus will put you one step ahead of the competition who still has to go out there and search for free images or start making there own.

Instead you get the opportunity to pick up Artoon Gallery Cash Empire today and have 3500 images at your disposal to get started in no time.

To collect my bonus, all you have to do is send me a notice via my contact page above and I will send you the bonus straight to your inbox!

Final Verdict of This Artoon Gallery Cash Empire Review

As you may have noticed troughout this article, I am very excited about this software.

I have tried to stay as objective, honest and transparent as possible, it’s just very hard finding something wrong with this product.

It is literaly offering you the chance of a lifetime to start making serious money online without having to spend years learning skills or spending days of hard work on developing something yourself.

In all this time I have been making money online, I have never encountered a product quite like this, giving so much value and opportunity to it’s customers, while being actually legit.

You see a lot of new products coming up making all these crazy claims on their sales pages and I had the same feeling about Artoon Gallery Cash Empire before I actually tested it.

After I saw how simple it was to create my own high ticket product in less then 60 seconds and see it on Amazon’s webshop in less then 24 hours, I was truly impressed by the simplicity of making money online.

If you have been desperately looking for some way to make some cash online, well this may be the one thing you have been looking for all this time.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away and I urge you to act fast and within the first 4 days of the launch as it will save you an easy $200 right there.

As I mentioned previously the price will rise to $497 after the initial 4 days after the actual launch date, which is on the 1st of May 2020 at 10am EST.

The End

So that’s about it for this Artoon Gallery Cash Empire review, I hope you enjoyed it and I want to thank you if you are reading this for making it this far, you are the one in a million and I am very grateful to have you here..

I have tried as always to go into as much detail as I can and be as honest and transparent as possible.

If you have any further question about Artoon Gallery Cash Empire or anything else I could help you with, feel free to contact me anytime you want, it’d be my pleasure helping you out with anything you need.

Please let me know in the comments what’s your opinion on this Artoon Gallery Cash Empire review, I am eager to hear your point of view.

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