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Who Am I?

Hello guys, welcome to my blog Cash Online Guide!

My name is Adam Carega and I love making money and travel. I was once just like all of you, searching for ways to make a few extra bucks online. I am from Belgium, which isn’t to great when you want to make money in any kind of business because taxes are crazy out here.

cash online guide - adam carega

I got started around 2014 with affiliate marketing on a small scale and almost no results but even then I never stopped trying new methods and ideas.

Around 2015 I started my first Ecom store which was a total fail ofcourse. After that I stick with it because I kinda liked it. It was in 2016 when I created my fourth store which I was able to get profitable and scale big.

This was a huge moment for me because I could prove to all the naysayers who told me to let it go, that I actually could do it.

Now a couple of years later, I make more then enough online to travel the world carrying just my laptop.

This is me last summer traveling Norway while making passive income from my online business.

Cash online guide - adam caregacash online guide

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from people to help them achieve these same results to become financially free. That’s when I started to create the idea in my head to start a website where people could come to learn all about making money online.

Providing them with all of the best methods and tools out there on the whole wide internet. This is actually what I loved doing in the first place. Researching and teaching other people on how to become successful online.

A lot of people still don’t believe they can actually make a full time income from the comfort of their home, a beach in Hawaii or in the jungle of Indonesia. I am here to tell you everything you want is within your grasp if you follow along with these methods I am teaching you right here.

If you have any questions feel more then free to contact me, I will respond within 48 hours to every query!

Enjoy learning!