5 Best Page Builders For WordPress in 2020

Do you have a WordPress website but are confused on which page builder to use?

In this article, we’re going to show you the top five WordPress page builders and themes for your website.

There are literally thousands of good themes and page builders out there but these five are by far the most popular and easy-to-use that can turn editing your website into as easy as drag and drop.

Now, in this article, we’re sharing the top 5 best page builders for WordPress overall based on my personal opinion, let’s get started.

Before we get started with our top 5 best page builders and themes, I would like to explain for anyone who isn’t familiar with WordPress, how to install a Theme or Plugin.

best page builders for wordpress

How To Change Your WordPress Theme?

Now, if you want to update your website’s theme all you have to do is go into your dashboard and click Themes.

If you’d like to add a new theme all you have to do is go into Themes under Appearance on the left-hand sidebar and then click Add New at the top.

Now when you first visit this page it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there are literally hundreds of themes available and you can sort by featured, popular, latest, and you’ll see here there are over 4,000 WordPress themes to choose from.

Having so many themes to choose from is both a blessing and a curse and the truth is, most of these themes are actually not that different from each other in terms of the way they work.

Now, what separates the themes that we are going to be sharing today is that they actually aren’t just themes.

The problem with most of these themes is that they’re extremely difficult to edit. Let’s say you want to change a button or you want to move things around.

It’s not that simple.

This is where page builders come in and the themes we’re actually sharing with you today are mostly page builders, which are actually plugins and not just themes.

How To Install a WordPress Plugin?

how to install a wordpress plugin

I’m going to show you how you can install WordPress plugins on your site.

Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your website so knowing how you can do this will enhance your size capabilities.

Now before we begin make sure that you are the Administrator of your site and this is a self-hosted WordPress site that you’re working with.

If your site is on WordPress.com, you won’t have the same capabilities that I’m talking about.

You also wont see the plugin section if you don’t have admin capabilities on your site, so make sure you do, it will save you a lot of frustration when checking this first.

Once you’re logged into the site, click on plugins.

From here you can see the other plugins that are on your site, normally you will have the two default plugins that come with WordPress, you have Akismet, which helps with spam comments and hello dolly,  which is a historical plugin that was first added to WordPress just to show you what plugins are capable of doing.

You also have a button to add a new plugin and that’s what we’re going to talk about right now.

So click on the Add New and from the top you can see a different sections by default or working on the search section.

This allows you to search the WordPress.org’s plugin library.

This is great because the plugins that are found in the library have been reviewed first to make sure there’s no harmful code.

The next section is for uploading the plugin from your computer, if you aren’t sure what you want to install or you’re just curious, you have a next few sections that show off feature plugins and popular plugins, you also have the newest plugins if you want to see what’s coming out and finally you have favorites.

If you create a WordPress.org account and you favorite your plugins from there then you can click favorites from within your website and all your favorite plugins will be available.

This is great if you create a lot of sites in WordPress and you want to have a link to the plugin to use often.

So to install a plugin simply type in the search bar what you are looking for.

After that you will get a list of results based on your query, simply search for the one you want and click install.

Now WordPress will start installing the plugin on your site, all you have to do is wait until the installation has been completed and simply click on activate to start using the plugin immediately.

After that the plugin will appear inside your inside plugins. So that pretty easy right, now let’s get going with our top 5 best page builders for WordPress.

Top 5 Best Page Builders For WordPress

#1 WordPress Page Builder: Elementor

best page builders for wordpress

So we’re going to show you the first one on the list, which is Elementor.

Now, to add Elementor, which is totally free to use, all you have to do is go into your plugins and click Add New.

Under Plugins, you can search up Elementor and you should see the Elementor Page Builder popup right here.

Now, we’ve already installed Elementor onto our website, but you can see that this plugin has over three million active installations.

Again, the main difference between a page builder and a theme is that a theme only changes the outward appearance of your website.

But a page builder actually changes the way that you edit your website.

So if you look at these animations, you can see that WordPress turns into a complete drag-and-drop editor and it’s completely visual.

There is no coding required.

Elementor is completely free to use and with over three million active installations this is the first WordPress page builder that we’d like to share with you that is not only popular, but powerful as well and we’ll show you how it works right now.

So you can start using Elementor by going into Pages and either creating a new page or editing a current page that you already have.

You can go into a page and set up Elementor. So you’re gonna see a new button that says Edit with Elementor and the key thing to note is that you have to go to your right-hand sidebar and make sure that you change the page attributes to the Elementor Canvas.

If you don’t change this to the Elementor Canvas what happens is, you actually will see the default theme or the default template.

Remember, Elementor and page builders are plugins and not exactly just WordPress themes.

You’re going to have to change over the page template to the Elementor Canvas which allows you to use Elementor as your editor instead of the default.

So, once you’ve set up Elementor you can see that basically your website has turned into a drag-and-drop editor.

If we want to move any of these elements all you have to do is simply take it and then you can drag it to any other column that you wish.

You can add new columns. You can add multiple elements such as a heading, an image, a video, a button, and much more.

So in essence this turns WordPress into more of a visual editor that’s very easy to use that’s somewhat similar to Squarespace or Wix.

But you still have all the functionality of WordPress, which runs 33% of the entire worldwide web and has powerful functionality through the thousands of developer plugins that are available, many of which are free to use, such as Elementor.

Now, with Elementor if you want to change wordings or any of these sentences and headings, all you have to do is start typing into there and it’s as simple as that.

And that’s basically it.

If you want to view your page, you can just click this eye icon on the bottom left and it will show you a preview of your page.

As you can see, it’s a very modern and beautiful website with some really cool elements that are dynamic and that move around, and the bottom line is that using a page builder like this allows you to be more creative and work outside the restrictions of a normal WordPress theme.

Now, we’re going to show you the other most popular WordPress page builders out there so you can decide which is right for you.

So again remember that a page builder is a plugin and not just a typical theme.

So to find a new page builder we go into Plugins and click Add New again.

Get Elementor here

#2 WordPress Page Builder: Beaver Builder

best page builders for wordpress

The next page builder we want to share with you is called Beaver Builder, there’s not as many active installations but at over 400,000 active installations right now that is still a significant amount of users.

Beaver Builder is quite similar to Elementor in the sense that you can edit your website completely visually through drag and drop and you can add multiple different elements and changing words and sentences and headings is as easy as clicking into it and start typing into your keyboard.

So Elementor and Beaver Builder are definitely the top two FREE page builders for WordPress to use.

Now we’re gonna show you some premium WordPress themes and page builders that are also popular and very effective.

#3 WordPress Page Builder: OptimizePress

best page builders for wordpress

So the next page builder is OptimizePress.

Now, OptimizePress is known as a page builder and a landing page maker that is specifically designed for marketers and creators, especially in the industry of internet marketing.

So with OptimizePress, you have plenty of templates that are very modern and up-to-date when it comes to internet marketing and for creating landing pages specifically.

So if you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, then OptimizePress is actually designed with you in mind.

What makes OptimizePress perfect for business owners is that it integrates very effortlessly with the top shopping carts and online ecommerce carts out there, including ThriveCart, SamCart, and WooCommerce.

Scrolling through the sales page templates these are just some of the templates that you can instantly use and you can easily drag-and-drop edit them to suit your business needs, and a lot of these seem to be very effective and highly converting sales pages that are also very beautiful, and they are created with the goal of getting sales and customers.

So they’re also very effective when it comes to running your business.

So OptimizePress is not a free page builder but it is quite affordable at $99 a year.

That’s less than $10 per month and again, if you are a business owner then this is a good investment into your website to make it look professional and also have sales pages and landing page templates that look beautiful but also convert as well.

#4 WordPress Page Builder/Theme: Elegant Theme Divi

best page builders for wordpress

Now, the fourth theme/page builder that we want to share is Divi by Elegant Themes.

Now, they’re currently on Divi 3.0 and Divi, much like Elementor, is one of the most popular WordPress page builders out there.

Right now we’re actually using a live demo of Divi that you can access via the Elegant Themes website.

To get access to a live demo of Divi click right here.

The editing process is quite similar to Elementor and Beaver Builder where it’s very drag-and-drop and it’s a visual editor where if you want to change any sentence or any header, all you have to do is click into it and begin typing.

So, editing buttons here is as easy as clicking in, clicking the gear sign and then if you want this button to go to a link, then you can add a hyperlink here.

You can even change the text to say “Sign up now,” or whatever you desire and you can see that the changes happen immediately.

Another example here is if you want to change a video all you have to do is click into that video and then you can actually just link a YouTube video here as well.

Now, it’s important to note that all this functionality is quite similar amongst Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and OptimizePress.

You can essentially drag-and-drop edit anything and the elements are largely the same.

When you want to add a video you can add a video with any of these page builders.

If you want to add a new image or you want to add a new button, you can also do that in any of these page builders.

So what’s really going to separate these page builders for most people is going to be the default templates, and also the default themes that come with these page builders that allow you to easily edit something that’s close to where you want it to be.

You just have to change the wordings to fit your website.

#5 WordPress Page Builder/Theme: StudioPress

best page builders for wordpress

Now, the fifth theme is actually a true theme in the sense that it is not a plugin.

The last theme on our list is StudioPress’s Genesis Framework.

Now here we are on StudioPress’s website and you can see some of the themes that are featured on the Genesis Framework.

studiopress themes

Now, the Genesis Framework is essentially a different way to edit your website that is not exactly drag and drop, but at the same time is not the stock default WordPress editor.

The themes that are featured on the Genesis Framework of which there are dozens of themes to choose from, are quite professional and used by some of the most popular blogs out there.

Now, one drawback to using StudioPress’s Genesis Framework is that it’s not drag-and-drop as you did see with Elementor, with Divi, Beaver Builder, and OptimizePress.

It is not drag-and-drop editing, so it’s not quite as easy to use.

If you’re someone who likes the drag-and-drop editing of Elementor and Divi, then you would like any of the top four WordPress Page Builders that we featured on this list because those are actual true page builders and Elementor and Beaver Builder are actually free to get started with.

StudioPress is a true theme in the sense that it does not change too much about the way that you edit that theme.

The plus side of using StudioPress’s themes are that they are very professional and modern but at the same time, the prices are quite premium and easily the most expensive on this list, considering that Elementor and Beaver Builder are free to use and start using, although they do have premium versions, at least with Elementor Pro. OptimizePress and Divi are about the same price between $89 per year to $99 per year.

So less than $100 per year, which is less than $10 per month.

But again, you get the power of drag-and-drop editing, not to mention very professional themes and templates that you can immediately start using and just swapping out the content for your business or for your needs.


All right, so this wraps up our list of the top 5 page builders for WordPress.

Remember that page builders are different from themes in the sense that it turns the editing process into a complete visual experience where you can just drap-and-drop edit any element that you want to make it easy to mold your current website into the website of your dreams.

So it’s a lot easier to use compared to a normal theme.

Most people who’ve used regular WordPress themes before will agree that they wish they could just drag-and-drop edit their website.

It would make things a lot easier.

So make sure you try out these page builders because a lot of them are completely free to start using, especially Elementor and Beaver Builder, and you can find which one is right for you.

Get Started With Our Favorite (Elementor) Right Here!

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So that’s it for today, I hope you learned something more in this top 5 best page builders for WordPress.

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